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Bonzer Words!: Bothers Beginning With B

"When I made a mental list of all those things that bother me, I found to my amusement that many begin with the letter B.'' writes Goldie Alexander.

Many of our city friends openly envy us for our ability to escape to less frantic surroundings and enjoy the tranquillity of our bush hideaway. Therefore it seems paltry to dwell on those petty annoyances which occur in every environment, no matter how utopian they might seem.

When I made a mental list of all those things that bother me, I found to my amusement that many begin with the letter B. For example there is the permanent nuisance of blackberry that we can never quite eradicate no matter how often we break our backs in our efforts to root it out. Under every blackberry bush there are always nests of bull-ants. These creatures mind their own business and take unkindly to anyone interfering with theirs. If their nests are disturbed they can and will inflict a nasty and bothersome bite.

Just beyond the blackberry, detachments of blackbirds wait to devour anything our fruit trees manage to produce. We happen to be in one of the few areas getting a decent rainfall. Thus alongside the blackbirds, squads of bunnies have descended on us from drier areas and are presently feasting on our grass. And for some curious reason platoons of bees find the roof above my shower an irresistible place to set up a hive. Makes bathing a heart-stopping experience.

While my city friends continue to covet the stillness and hush of the bush, I forbear to mention our neighbouring dogs. In some kind of canine conspiracy they prefer to keep their noisy and intermittent barking for well after midnight. Then barking loud enough to wake us and long enough to make it hard to get back to sleep.

But not all is lost. Recently, and I suspect because of the ongoing drought in other places, bellbirds have started nesting in our trees. As they flit from tree to tree almost unseen in their olive green feathers, their lovely song almost
compensates for all those other Bs that continue to bother us. And there is always the wonderful bush, which also happens to begin with the letter B.

by Goldie Alexander


Goldie writes for Bonzer magazine. Please visit www.bonzer.org.au


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