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Double Cream: Fireworks Night

Robert Taylor's poem captures the wonder, the drama, the excitement of bonfire night.

This year, once more,
We went to a bonfire night party,
In a town called Hexham,
thirty miles from where we live.
The fireworks were spectacular.
Lots of bright colours,
Incredible patterns,
Big bangs!
And the whole fantastically spectacular show went on for over half an hour!
An incredible advance on what fireworks were like when I was small.

Yet, watching it all,
I couldn't help remember
being a kid again.
The night, when we had not long moved into a new house,
on a new estate,
at Belle Isle, Leeds.
And all the neighbours had small children,
And everyone clubbed together to provide -
the food, the drink, the fire and the fireworks.
There were hot dogs
and hot potatoes
and parkin (ginger cake for those not in the know),
and every so often a firework to see...

'Right everyone, we are about to light The Roman Candle
And five minutes later - 'This one is called Golden Rain!'
Five minutes later - 'Come on children - We've got a sparkler for everyone now!'
'Next, in two minutes, I'm going to light the Catherine Wheel. It's on a stick!'
And a little later.
'Stand back everyone - This one bangs- It's called a Jumping Jack.'
'Aaargh!!!!!! Oooh! Aragh! Whizz!'
'Right everyone here it is What we have all been waiting for. It's the most expensive one in the box.The highlight of the night.- The Sky Rocket.'
' WWooooooooooooooo!'
And up and up it went,
reaching for the stars, vanishing somewhere
near the far side of the moon.
Or so it seemed.
But then, everything seemed possible, in those far off unsophisticated days.


Joyce Worsfold and Robert Taylor, the authors of Double Cream, are brother and sister and have spent most of their working lives teaching children in Yorkshire. They have written together since child-hood, producing poetry, stories, plays, musicals, song lyrics and monologues. Over 30 years they have performed their work for many audiences mostly in the North of England and Scotland, delighting thousands and bringing them both laughter and tears.

Joyce can be contacted for bookings at
telephone 01924 840 847

Robert can be contacted for bookings at
telephone 01830 520 344


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