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Useful And Fantastic: Nature Green In Leaf And Bud

...The place is like Andrew Marvellís poem about a garden, with everything thatís made turned to green in a green shade, and different flowers throughout the year.,,

Val Yule describes her garden.

8. Make your own Romantic Miniature Landscape Garden

If you have an average sized front garden, like mine about 18 metres frontage x 15 metres deep, you might like to turn it gradually into a Romantic Miniature Landscape Garden that needs minimal care, including minimal lawn mowing.
And you can take romantic photographs of it which look as if it was as big as the Botanical Gardens.

You can sit out in it in privacy from the street but still be able to see the passers by, and converse if you wish.

And you only garden in it when you want a bit of the great outside or exercise.

And in the summer the dry lawn only needs a hand mower to lop off the dandelions and in winter it takes five minutes to mow.

And you have lots of cut flowers for friends and the house.
My Romantic Landscape garden was originally the usual square of lawn with rectangular garden beds around it. Now . . .

Here is what my garden contains:

* An enormous original gum-tree which has had to have its top lopped off for safety, but is still the main feature, surrounded by never-water geraniums, pelargoniums, lilies, daisies, several varieties of gazanias and a ground-creeper.

* A fifty-year-old silver birch, which fairy toadstools grow under, and in which lorikeets and other birds gather so I can see them as I work in study. I accumulate mulch under it, to spread when needed.

* A 2-year-old silver birch is growing like anything, and helps to make the garden look bigger in fotos. Around it are pansies, but I plan for sweetwilliams.

* An assortment of tall Australian shrubs, banksias, grevilleas, wax-flowers etc, mixed with yellow daisies, ground-creeper, roses and Dutch irises, and little daisy border on the street.

* An old oleander with small Australian shrubs and some wildflowers.

* An old prunus that arches over the driveway.

* Lemon tree.

*. Fifty-year-old amazing pink camellias that flower from May to November sometimes.

* Cootamundra wattle. This long garden bed also has roses, Japanese somethings, and lots of bulbs and freezias.

* Another prunus arches over the driveway to give car-shade, and occasional fruit.

* Flowering apple, with bulbs and daisies.

* Olive tree planted on the anniversary of September 11, with yellow and Michaelmas daisies, gladioli, little azaleas and roses, etc.

* Red camellia with watsonia below.

* Small azaleas, daisies, bulbs, fuchsia etc.

* Two treeferns which each get half-a-bucket of water tipped into their crowns the night before hot days.

* Amazing daphne and bulbs.

* Spreading azaleas outside the windows used to look as if they were on fire when the sunset shone through them to the Australian flowering creepers, small azaleas, other flowering shrubs and bulbs. In front of the porch is a climbing eucalypt, a variety of tough flowering shrubs, bulbs, and against the house wall an Ophelia perfumed rose. A crimson rose and tough blue periwinkle with yellow and green variegated leaves grow on the north side of the porch.

* Drive with ground cover growing between the strips.

* Lawn, with little white daisies, and with little paths going off, the width of a manual lawn mower.

* Ornamental bird-bath, pottery Japanese lantern, daisies, bulbs, gladioli , rosemary etc.

* Bonsai dogwood with creeping cootamundra wattle, lavender, perennial stock, daisies etc.

* Along the fence grow japonica, red daisies, fuchsia, gladioli . . .

* Along the street are alyssum, dwarf carnations, hellebore, iris, miniature roses . . .

The place is like Andrew Marvellís poem about a garden, with everything thatís made turned to green in a green shade, and different flowers throughout the year. Passers by, and us, enjoy always something new to see as seasons change and plants grow. Two movable roof-water diverters save watering except in dire times.

Here is Nature green in leaf and bud!

It looks absolutely the opposite from modern minimalist static landscape design that is composed on a computer, Suitable for Office, with objects plonked here and there, lots of stones and squares keeping the living earth from view, few places for water to drain into a growing garden instead of adding to city run-off problems, and little soft peace for the spirit.


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