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U3A Writing: A Writer

Dick Nolan writes a fanciful poem about a writer.

Hed always dreamed of a story
One that he could write down
Perhaps he thought hed do it
On a bus when going to town

His interest was never waning
He thought it would be fun
So he brushed up on his writing
In order to get the job done

Oh! I never met such a fellow
Dressed up in a suit which was brown
And he had long red hair like his mother
As he sat writing his notes down.

His story I read only later
It was about very hot stuff
Like dreams he had about fairies
When he says they picked him up

I read through the several pages
But I thought it was very nave
The story was very fanciful
And was very hard to believe

In the end he said he was frightened
And thats why he had to write
But from the smirk I saw on his face
I didnt think that was right.


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