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U3A Writing: Acrostic Writing

Dick Nolan alphabetizes a poem.

A beautiful maiden came into my dreams
Because of the alarm clock I lost her it seems
Cranky was I when I lost my new find
Downright disappointed my excitement declined
Ever since, whenever I get to bed
I can’t get her memory out of my head
Forever I try to recall al the sights that I had on that night of nights
Good I’m a dreamer at least I did see
Her beauty displayed from her chin to her knee
I was delighted to memorize all that I saw
Just can’t get back there Oh! the awe.
Kindness it would be if she’d reappear
Lovely I remember, I felt no fear
My memory is great when I do get the time
No interference with that dream of mine
Oh! for a meeting with someone like she
Please let it happen just for me
Questions may arise about my fidelity
Roaming my mind – that’s just me
Soon I’ll be twenty, I’m getting so old
Too young to marry – that’s what I’m told
Unusually happy, some friends I see
Very likely they, had dreams like me
We’re all just dreamers on our long way
X marks the spot on my arm where she lay
You wouldn’t believe that I meant her no harm
Zeds of my snoring the end of my charm


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