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Useful And Fantastic: Flower Sharing To Ease Depression

Val Yule proposes a great idea to help cheer up those in need of good cheer.

People with gardens enjoy passers-by sharing their pleasure. We could share our flower bonanzas further since flowers can be a tremendous cheer-up for people such as harassed lonely mothers, not just people in hospitals or aged homes. It would be great if voluntary organisations could arrange a service similar to meals on wheels so that flowers could be delivered to such places as psychiatric clinics, unemployment centres, creches and opportunity shops, where people who may be depressed, unhappy, burdened or harassed can take them to enjoy at home.

Many people cannot buy or grow flowers. Flowers can be carried in 2-litre plastic milk bottles cut-down to leave a bit of a handle, in a plastic bag, and can be kept in them too, with water, if people do not have vases or energy to arrange them. Carry the bottle in a plastic bag. Plastic wrapping from home-delivered newspapers also make good flower-wrappers.

I often saw how much lonely or harassed people were cheered up by flowers for their own home, when I worked in clinics and the community. For depressed or overworked people, having some lovely flowers in the home can be a sign that others care, as well as making their surroundings so much better. They can be better than pills. Children love flowers too.

Could local community volunteers organize something, perhaps linked with Meals on Wheels and various clinics and other places where people come who could be cheered up by flowers in their home?

There could be a volunteer or staff who might like to be the contact person for people with surplus flowers in their homes to ring to have flowers collected, or find out where they could take them.


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