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Here Comes Treble: From A New Angle

Columnist and musician Isabel Bradley tells of a very special concert held in Johannesburg last weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, ‘my’ orchestra gave a glorious performance of a programme we called “The Glory of French Music”. The committee and I spent many hours preparing for this concert over the last year, since our French ‘cellist suggested that we participate in the French-South Africa Seasons 2012-2013.

The Seasons are jointly run by elements of the French and South African Governments, and include art exhibitions, ballets, musical events, film festivals, academic programmes and much more – see www.france-southafrica.com for the full and glorious details. The first section of The Seasons has taken place mostly in South Africa, the second will take place in France.

Our performance on Sunday was the first of two. Although I did much of the preparatory work, attending meetings, signing agreements and contracts, I did not actually play as a member of the orchestra. Leon and I were, after all, expecting to be away from home at this time, and by the time we’d cancelled the anticipated work in Botswana, well, rehearsals were well underway, including my friends Meg and Ghita playing the first and second flute parts. I couldn’t very well ask them to stand down in my favour.

So, for the last two months my Tuesday evenings have been spent at home, while I’ve watched as the finishing touches were put to various contracts and sponsorships by the Acting Chairman, who did a marvellous job.

On Sunday afternoon, Leon and I arrived at the theatre in time for Leon to slot in behind the ticket counter and help with last-minutes sales. I waffled around aimlessly until the orchestra finished their warm-up rehearsal, then went in search of the conductor to find out if there was anything I needed to do.

I ended up opening proceedings with a quick speech, thanking everyone for their input, their hard work and their contributions which all made the concert possible.

Until next time…. ‘here comes Treble!’
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