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Useful And Fantastic: The No-Mo Nature Strip

Val Yule suggests that Nature should be allowed to take its course on strips of land at the roadside.

Nature strips are pieces of land along the roadside awaiting any road-widening, but in the meantime allocated to Nature and the local residents.

The pavement before our home looks more like a country pathway, a picturesque sort of wobbly lane, but it is still wide enough for wheelchairs and hordes of school-children.

All over Melbourne there are nature strips, once a pride of our Garden City and leafy suburbs.

Now ‘grassy nature strips tend to be scruffy in winter, brown and dusty in summer, scored with tyre-ruts in wet weather, and loud with a noise of motor-mowers almost any other time.
It need not be so. Let Nature flourish.

A No-Mo Nature strip is planted with anything spare from time to time, and left to grow without watering or mowing. What survives and flourishes on our nature strip, besides two trees, are white and blue agapanthus, three sorts of gazanias, five sorts of daisies (white, purple and yellow), three sorts of iris, jasmine, honeysuckle, periwinkle, freesias, watsonias, ixias, gladiolus, snowdrops, a flowering succulent, two sorts of geraniums, forget-me-not, a sh! baby oak-tree, the occasional daffodil - and some weeds.


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