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Here Comes Treble: Deserted

Isabel Bradley tells of a day when she was in a strange, unfamiliar frame of mind.

Oh Muse –
Amuse me,
Please – inspire me,
Hire me
To write a poem or a piece
That someone will read?

Muse –
Where are you,
When I need you most?

Sometimes, after a really bad day, my mind goes totally blank. Or maybe, that was the problem in the first place. Maybe my brain was in ‘neutral’ when I went online and made that awful faux-pas while doing internet banking. My brain was definitely in a wheel-spin, spraying up frustration, and annoyance, muddying the waters of how to solve the problem I’d created.

Later, at gym, people were constantly in my way, using the toning machines I wanted to use, or worse – standing in the way so that I couldn’t access the machines I had my eyes on. And when I asked them to move, they were snappy and irritable. Actually exercising was twice as hard as usual, leaving me feeling drained.

I returned home to complete the forms that would reverse my banking error. They needed documents attached, and the computer wasn’t co-operating. When I finally signed them, I realised that – bother! – they had to be faxed to the bank.

Who, in this day of scans and computers and e-mail, uses the fax machine? Obviously, the branch of the bank to which I’d erroneously transferred funds, instead of sending them to my credit card account. So, in the pouring, icy rain, I drove to the shops, where there is a postal outlet that provides all sorts of administrative services, including the use of a fax machine.

Of course, my brain still being in neutral, I first gave the girl who was helping me the wrong number, and she was getting very frustrated as the fax would not go through. Eventually, I realised my mistake and the fax was sent, all four pages. Using this outdated technology cost a ridiculous amount of money.

I then went to the shops, where the crowds were hideous – what WAS this, the first shopping day of December or something? Oh – of course – it is the first shopping day of December, everyone’s just been paid and they’re stocking up for the coming holidays, preparing to spend time at self-catering cottages all around the country.

Having been in such a strange, unfamiliar frame of mind all day, it wasn’t really a surprise when I sat at my computer that my brain was, well, totally blank. My fingers kept hitting the wrong keys, and, true to the form of the day, even a call to my Muse didn’t help.

Hopefully I’ll do better next week!

Until next time…. ‘here comes Treble!’

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3 December 2012 by Isabel Bradley


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