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U3A Writing: Dreams!

"Dreams and their fulfilment are what make our great big world go around,'' writes Dick Nolan.

A great writer once wrote these words:

“The poor have but their dreams
Tread softly lest you tread on their dreams “

Why you might ask, are their dreams important? Pause now, and wonder!

Dreams and their fulfilment are what make our great big world go around.

Once, not so long ago, there was no telephone – can you imagine? Not even a ‘phone box!

Still, the world survived for thousands of years and then
Alexander Graham Bell one day made his dream come true! There was a telephone even though what we now would call a crude version.

Another dreamer, Marconi, brought his dream to fruition with his invention of radio/telegraphy for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1909. That was long before we were born. An Italian Dreamer, he was not always popular but the whole world did benefit from his work.

Long ago someone invented the kettle – a pot with a spout. Can you imagine the long hours in front of a steaming kettle which led to someone dreaming of how to harness that power to drive a steam engine? A man named Litterick initially invented the steam engine and Stephenson went on to develop its use in Industries and railways and what a powerful result to come from a simple observation.

We can all remember – sometimes with disdain – some dedicated but sloppily dressed eccentric who later became notable for some wonderful achievement and all the time while we were so critical of him, he was busily pursuing his dream. Many of these dedicated dreamers are observed by people, just like us, as unsociable and oafish until one day the reports of their success in their chosen field are heralded and they are of course duly honoured.

Speaking to young people, usually well educated, I often get the distinct impression that they doubt that the world managed so well without motor cars and aeroplanes, toilets and running water and of course all our up to the minute mobile telephones, I-phones, I-pads or the like.

My grandson recently advised me that in today’s world to become an Air Force pilot it is now necessary to be adept with electronic games and play stations.

Could it be that those participants are dreaming the planes or weapons they are using are real?

So let us hope that we can continue to tread softly - “Lest we tread on their dreams”.


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