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Eric Shackle Writes: Frog Struck Down By Lightning!

Veteran journalist Eric Shackle had a good laugh when he saw a front page story headlined FROG STRUCK DOWN BY LIGHTNING.

Darwin’s Northern Territory News often displays screaming headlines about crocodiles, which are an ever-present danger in its vast circulation area.

One day recently (November 30, 2012) it published a front-page story captioned FROG STRUCK DOWN BY LIGHTNING ... and a few humans were hit too. It also published a poster showing a picture of a dead frog.

Many readers thought this hilarious. Dan Thorne, in the UK online news magazine TNT, wrote Stop the press! Frog hit by lightning makes the front page in Aussie newspaper NT News.

Incidentally, the NT News is a small dinghy in Rupert Murdoch’s global fleet of newspapers.

Let's take a moment to thank the hapless frog for his service to the media industry and giving us a darned good laugh. NT News, we salute you.



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