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A Writer On Writing: The Museum Of Broken Relationships

Sally Jenkins reads about a building full of writing prompts for a wealth of relationship stories.

I was leafing through the Independent on Sunday and came across a travel article on Zagreb. http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/europe/zagreb-is-back-on-the-map-8420130.html It mentioned the Museum of Broken Relationships which immediately fired my writer’s imagination. http://brokenships.com/en/visit

The museum contains exhibits that each recall the breakup of a relationship. Each object is accompanied by a narrative telling its story such as:

•A lover’s mobile phone, given to the girlfriend he’d just broken up with, so that she couldn’t call him anymore.

•An axe that was used on the furniture of an unfaithful partner.

•A garden dwarf that was thrown at an ex’s windscreen on divorce day/

The place sounds like a building full of writing prompts with a whole wealth of relationship stories, just waiting to be written. There’s a cafe there too http://brokenships.com/en/visit/brokenships_cafe - so somewhere to sit and jot down notes whilst enjoying mulled wine and pepper cookies (the house specialities according to the website).

The museum also accepts new exhibits from people wishing to get rid of stuff that reminds them of a painful breakup. What would your hero or heroine donate?

Look out for the museum’s touring exhibitions, there was one in Lincolnshire earlier this year and one in London in 2011 – if only I’d known I could’ve collected enough ideas to last a lifetime! Instead I’ll have to save up for a flight to Zagreb …

P.S. I had an acceptance from People’s Friend this week – hurrah, a great way to end the year!


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