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Poetry Pleases: The Refugee

Arnold Kellett prayed to be forgiven for Christmas greed.

God forgive us for our Christmas!
Help us, Lord, to blush for shame:
Frantic marathons of spending,
Practised in the Saviour's name!

Food for those who live in plenty,
Gifts for those who have no need;
Christ who came to feed the hungry,
Save us from our Christmas greed!

Save us from all feeble friendships,
From the yearly postal fuss:
Automatic Christmas greetings,
Sent to those who send to us!

Save us from the superficial,
Make our Christmas deep and fresh:
Show us in the simple stable
God revealed in Baby-flesh.

With the shepherds let us worship,
With the Wise Men let us see
How through proud and heartless
Herod Jesus was a refugee.


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