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Poetry Pleases: The Tides Of Love

Marianne Hall brings us an ecstaic love poem.

Let us watch the seabirds and the sunset.
Let us listen to the thundering waves,
ebbing and flowing.
increasing our desire for each other.
For our love knows no bounds

Let us feel the sand between our toes,
the cold water cooling our passion.
Let us run like two joyous children
carefree in the wind.

Let us fall on to the damp sand and let
sky and earth envelop us,
when our loins meet and our bodies
ebb and flow with the sea
and we become as one with nature,
sea, wind and sand.

Let the storm clouds rumble over us
and the rain heighten our ecstasy,
when you pin me beneath you
and get your fill
and fill me with your love.


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