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The Scrivener: Usefull, Delightfull & Protestant

"Never mind Amazon, e-books, Kindle, iPad, and all that sinful modern stuff. Have a diligent and morally uplifting browse through this London bookseller's catalogue, published in 1660.''

Brian Barratt issues a not-to-be-missed invitation.

Courteous Reader, These Books following, are Printed for Simon Miller, or Sold by him at the Starre in St Pauls Church-yard.

Small Folio.

The Civil Warres of Spain in the Reign of Charles the fifth, Emperour of Germany, and King of that Nation, wherein our late unhappy differences are paralleled in many particulars.

A general History of Scotland, from the year 767, to the death of King James, containing the principal Revolutions and Transmutations of Church and State, with Political Observations, and reflections upon the same ; by David Hume of Godscroft.

The History of this Iron Age, wherein is set down the original and causes of all the Warres and Commotions that have happened in Europe, from the year 1600. to this present year 1659.

Eighteen Books of the Secrets of Art and Nature ; Being the summe and substance of Naturall Philosophy, Methodically Digested. First designed by John Wecker Dr. in Physick, and now much augmented and enlarged : By Dr. R.Read. A like work never before in the English Tongue.

Quarto large.

Jo. Barklay his Argenis , Translated by Sir Robert le Grise Knight, by his Late Majesties special Command.

Quarto small.

An Experimental Treatise of Surgery, by Felix Wortz.
Abraham’s Faith. or the good Old Religion, proving the Doctrine of the Church of England to be the only true Faith of Gods Elect : By John Nicholson Minister of the Gospel.

The Anatomy of Mortality ; By George Straod.

Three Treatises : 1. The Conversion of Nineveh touching Prayer and Fasting. 2. Gods Trumpet sounding to Repentance. 3. Sovereign preservatives against distrustfull Thoughts and Cares: By Wil. Attersoll Ministter of Gods Word at Isfield in Sussex.

A Treatise of Civil policy, being a clear Decision of 43 Queries, concerning prerogative, right and priviledge, in reference to the supream Prince and People: By Samuel Rutherford Professor of Divinity of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Politick and Military Observations of Civil and Military Governement, containing the Birth, Encrease, Decay of Monarchies, the carriage of Princes and Magistrates.

Astrology Theologized, shewing what nature and influence the Stars and Planets have over Men, and how the same may be diverted and avoided.

Christ tempted, the Devils conquered; Being a plain Exposition on the fourth Chapter of St. Matthews Gospel : By John Grumbleden Minister of the Gospel.

Dr.Stoughtons thirteen choice Sermons, with his body of Divinity.

The Reasons of the dissenting Brethren concerning the Presbyterian Government, together with the Answer of the Assembly of Divines.

The Harmonious Consent and Confession of Faith, of all the Protestant R-formed Churches of Christendome.

The Argument and Confession of Faith, of all the Congregational Churches of England agreed upon at the Savoy.

The description of the Universall Quadrant, by which is perform’d with great Expedition the whole Doctrine of Triangles, both plain and Sphericall; Also the Resolution of such Propositions as are most usefull in Astronomy, Navigation, and Dialling : By which is performed the proportioning by Lines for measuring of all manner of Land, Board, Glass, Timber, Stone, &c. by Tho. Stirrup Mathemat.

Large Octavo

A Treatise of the Divine Promises : By Edw. Leight Esq: Master of Arts of both Universities.

Florus Anglicus, with the Lively Effigies of all the Kings and Queens since the Conquest, cut in Brass.

The Reconciler of the Bible, wherein above two thousand seeming Contradictions are fully and plainly Reconciled.

Evidences for Heaven, containing infallible Signs and real demonstrations for assurance of Salvation: published by Edw. Calamy Minister of Aldermanbury, Lond.

The Life and Reign of King Charles from his Birth to his Death, by Lambert Wood.

Usefull Instructions for these Evill times: held forth in 22. Sermons, by Nicholas Lockyer, Provost of Eaton Colledg.

The Nullity of Church-Censures, or Excommunication, not of Divine Instion, but a meer humane Invention: Written by the famous Tho. Erasmus, and never before Englished.

Small Octavo

Ed. Waterhouse Esq; His Discourse of Piety and Charity.

Panacea, of the Universall Medicine : being a Discourse of the Admirable Nature and Virtues of Tobacco: By Dr. Everard and Others. [Tobacco was first brought to England in 1586. BB]

A view and Defence of the Reformation of the Church of England, very usefull in these times.

Mr. Pet. de Moulin, his Antidote against Popery: published on purpose to prevent the Delusions of the Priests and Jesuites who are now very busie amongst us.

Herberts Devotions, or a Companion for a Christian, containing Meditations and Prayers usefull upon all occasions

Extraneus Vapulans, or the Observations rescued from the violent but vain assault of Haman Lestrange Esq; and the back-blows of Dr. Barnard and Irish Dean : by P.Heylin D.D.

The Loves of Clivio and Lezio A Romance.

Mr. Knowles, his Rudiment of the Hebrew Tongue.

A Book of Scheams or Figures of Heaven, ready set for every four Minutes of times, and very usefull for all Astrologers.

Flrous Anglicus, or an exact History of England, from the Reign of William the Conquerour, to the death of the late King.

Lingua, or the Combate of the Tongue, and five Senses of Superiority : a serious Comedy.

The Spirits Touchstone: being a clear discovery how a Man may certainly know whether he be truly taught by the Spirit of God, or not.

A poor mans Physician and Chyrurgion.

Physicall Rarities, containing the most choice Receipts in Physick and Chyrurgery, for the cure of all Diseases incident to Mans body : By R.Williams. To which is added the Physical Mathematicks : by Hermes, Tris. Magistus.

The Golden Fleece, or a Discourse of the Cloathing of England.

Vigerius Preceptes of Idiotismes. [Idiotisms are variations of dialect and idiom. BB.]

Three Books of Mr. Mathews Minister at Swansey in South-Wales.
1.The Messia Magnified by the mouths of Babes in America: or Gaius and Gamaliel, a helpful Father and his hopefull Son; discoursing of the three most consierable points : 1. The great want of Christ. 2. The great worth that is in Christ. 3. The good way that is chalkt out by Christ.
2. The new Congregationall Church prov’d to be the old Christian Church, by Scripture, Reason, and History.
3. The Rending Church-member Regularly cal’d back to Christ and his Church.

The Christian Souldier, his Combate with the three arch-enemies of man-kind, the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

Seasonable advice to the Aprentices of the Honourable City of London, touching their duty to God and their Masters.

The History of Russia, or the Govern of the Emperour of Moscovia, with the manner and fashions of the people of that Countrey.

A School or Nurture for Children, or the Duty of Children to Parents, very usefull for all that intend to bring up their Children in the fear of God.

The Ball.
Obstinate Lady.

The London Chanticleers ; a Comedy full of various and delightfull Mirth, never before publishing.



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