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U3A Writing: New Year's Choice

Ray Harman surveys the classes offered by his local University of the Third Age branch.

Christmas gone , New Year has come
Let`s be a little venturesome
Scan the groups you`re spoilt for choice
“Sing For Pleasure” with good voice
But then again my notes are wrong
My vocal chords are not for song!
“Ten Pin Bowling” looks sublime
But bending down could take some time
And crouching down to view the lane
I wonder if I'll rise again
Now “Reading Group” looks restful there
With steamy books to browse and stare
But then again as age ascend
I`d fall asleep before the end
Now “Write For Fun” could make my day
With a sequel to “Fifty Shades of Grey”
But pause a moment don't be scared
I`d do it only for a dare!
“Rummikub” there I`e often seen
I wish I knew just what it means
“Discussion Group” is in my sights
To put the present world to rights
But rolling back the years one sees
Nostalgia's not what it used to be
So pause again and don`t despair
The choice is wide, don't sit and stare
And after all is said and done
“The Luncheon Club” could be the one.


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