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Bonzer Words!: House Of Cards

M F Batson sees similarities between card players and the cards with which they play.

The Contract Bridge Club I'm a member of has over a hundred members. It plays club competitions on 6 days of each week. I'm often struck by the similarities between the players and the actual deck of cards used to play the game.

At the top of the list are the Aces. These individuals are all excellent players, usually paired with an equally proficient partner. They invariably are in first, second or third place in each competition. They also play at state and inter-state congresses. They rank in the upper level of master points.

Next come the Kings. They are constantly challenging the Aces for supremacy. A few have extremely high opinions of themselves and certainly regard the rest of the pack as just a little below them in status.

Closely following are the Queens. They are also very competent players and usually right at the heels of the higher two sets. Normally within the 3rd or 4th placing. Now and then an overthrow happens.

The Jacks are the rogues. Their personalities are varied and a little unpredictable, as is their card play.

The remainder of the club members are the rest of the pack, commonly referred to (in card playing parlance) as the rags. This description is not meant to be derogatory, but a general term of the majority in any pack of cards. Each card has a valuable contribution in the overall shape. The top cards would certainly collapse without them.

Among this group are the royal dowagers. Very senior players of great experience, with advancing years and failing health. They still enjoy the game and are well respected by most of club members, as they pass on tips and wisdom.

As the cards are shuffled and distributed, the hand of cards I'm dealt show this similarity to me time and again.

Its all in the cards.


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