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Useful And Fantastic: Gardens Are Good For Your Health And Weakth

Val Yule extols the virtues of gardening.

* Useful outdoor exercise In the fresh. unpolluted air.

* Gorgeous-tasting healthy fresh vegetables and fruit to eat and to give to friends.

* Bosky bosky scenery to enjoy.

* And if you don’t spend too much on all the gardening catalogues and chemical – it saves you money too!

Almost everything in a garden has a double use. Flowers to look at and to smell - Vegetables to look at and to eat A garden stove fuelled with garden rubbish bakes delicious potatoes and meat wrapped in foil in its ashes – which then provides potash to make the plants grow.

Weight-Lifting gives healthy exercise - carting buckets from the water tank to refresh delicate plants. If your tank is underground, you can hand-pump!

And there is such healthy physical exercise in amanual mower.


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