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Useful And Fantastic: Gardens Of The Past

Val Yule imaginesgardens of the past - "little paradises on Earth''.

Imagine yourself in the dream-garden of Sir Francis Bacon, the man who did not write Shakespeare, but was a pioneer of experimental science, dying in the cause while trying to refrigerate poultry in the snow. Imagine the plants he listed, in his essay on Gardens . .

Imagine the trees . . . Bayes, Iunipuer, Cipresse, Eugh,
Pine-apple Tree,. Firre-Trees Orenge Trees, Limon Trees,
Mirtles, the Mezerion Tree, The Lelacke Tree, Damasin, Plummes, Apricockes, Figges

Imagine the plants not so different from our own . .
Rose-Mary, Lauander Blewe Periwinckle, Flagges, Sweet-Maioram, Wall-Flowers, Prime-Roses, Tulipps, Hiacynthus, Gilly-Flower, Daffadill, Dazie, Blossome, Wall-Flower, Couslip, Lillies, Piony, Honny-Suckle, Raspes, Pincks, Mary-gold, Hollyoke, Wild-Time.

Imagine the plants that you may never have seen - or not under the names they had in the seventeenth century . .
Frettellair Germander, Chamairis Flower-de-Lices Buglosse Floa Africanus Ribes Satyrian Ginnitings, Quadlins Berberies Melo-Cotones, Cornelians Wardens Seruices Bullises

Here is Sir Francis and the palatian Garden he would have liked to have had. Notice the contrast between the Wild beyond, and the Tamed within.

The flame tree of faith The spring blossom of hope The olive of peace.


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