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Bonzer Words!: Goodbye Old Friend

Dermott Ryder dedicated this poem to the memory of Trevor Winn (1947-2010), musician, artist, fire fighter, wine buff, folk club supremo, and "friend of my turbulent twenties, thirties, and far beyond''.

Winn tones rise and fall
in a concert of memories,
poignant, stirring, warm,
indelible, now celebrated
by the ever gentle voices
of rustling summer leaves.
Wine and fire, in turn, bring
his light and shade in focus.
A rover on unmarked roads,
a painter of vibrant scenes,
keen eyewitness, capturing
ephemeral vagaries of a life.
Jongleur, songs to entertain,
raconteur, anecdotes to share.
Images, from back in the days
of surfboards, beach and sun
and nights of rhythm and blues,
when time was just a signature.

Goodbye, Godspeed, old friend.


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