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A Writer On Writing: Morning Pages

Author Sally Jenkins is experimenting with morning pages.

Sally's book One Day For Me, a collection of eight superb award-winning stories, can be bought from Kindle

Do any of you do morning pages?

Julia Cameron http://juliacameronlive.com/ advocates this in her book The Artistsís Way. http://juliacameronlive.com/books-by-julia/the-artists-way-a-spiritual-path-to-higher-creativity/

I havenít read the book but heard about it from someone who has done morning pages for many years. This lady scribbles down everything that is going on in her head, things she has to do that day, negative thoughts about whatever is going on in her life etc. She finds it clears her brain and enables her to start the day in a better frame of mind. Sometimes it produces something that can be used in a story or elsewhere.

I know that other people get up early to work on their novel or another project, either because itís the only way they can make time in their day to write or because they just enjoy the quiet at dawn before the rest of the family erupts into activity.
Up until now Iíve lacked the willpower to set the alarm any earlier than absolutely necessary, just to write. But my husband has changed his job and needs to be at work by 7:30 am Ė forcing us to set the alarm for 6:00 am, and therefore giving me the opportunity to try morning pages.

So Iíve been writing for 25 minutes each day before getting up (with a cup of tea brought to me!).

I decided that I wanted something positive to show for this time so Iím drafting a longer piece than I normally write. I never read back more than a sentence of what I wrote the previous day and I donít edit anything. I donít pause to think of the right words, Iím just trying to get the flow of the story down on paper.

Itís a positive experience because I get up knowing that Iíve already Ďachievedí something and the number of completed A4 pages is growing.

Does anyone else do this Ė or, as Julia Cameron envisaged, do you write about whatever is on your mind?

Thereís no right or wrong in this. Different things work for different people.


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