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A Fistful Of Stars: A New Year Every Day

Embedded in Hariharan Balakrishnan's poem is a thought that can lead to a well-lived life.

Every day is a New Year
For someone somewhere on this earth
A new born child
Born in a barn
Or a rich man's home
With or without God

Every day in every way
Is something new for some
Joining school, or leaving college
Getting a job or leaving one
A day of birth, a day of death
Every day is new

One more year dawns for you
As it does for me
A new year dawns every day
For all of us here
In this country, on this earth
On this Mother Earth
Every day is new
H. Balakrishnan
283 Shaheed Nagar
Bhubaneswar 751007
Tel.: +919338246725


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