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A Fistful Of Stars: Elephantasy

Hariharan Balakrishnan brings a poem of pure joy - a poem to fix in one's memory.

The elephant came and stood in a corner
Of the playground on a scorching day

One boy came- sprinting, smiling
Helloed the elephant, arms akimbo

Elephant looked at the little boy
Looked at him with her lustrous eyes

Boy's hand went to the elephant's snout

Elephant raised her trunk- salute!

The boy just clapped and jumped in joy
He threw up his arms in pure delight

Elephant sat down, beside the boy
As if to say, "I've come to play"

Then she did a wondrous thing
Unseen by him she shifted her trunk
She dipped it in the pond beside
And raised her trunk once again
She sprayed the boy a cooling shower

He shivered and quivered that sunny day

Then the elephant held him high
And put him on her ample back
The boy went up, and up and up
Elephant too stood herself up

Joy boy felt "Yes, I am the King"
His spirit soared, he began to sing

The elephant laughed
Her trumpet sang

The boy just smiled his simple smile
And jumped down on to his Mother Earth

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