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A Fistful Of Stars: Fireflies

Poet Hariharan Balakrishnan muses upon his significance in the Great Order of Life.

Today I met three poet giants
Masters of their art, craft and thoughts
Each read one poem, two - or more
Inside a mansion this moonlit night
To pygmies waiting for wisdom
With gaping mouths and hungry ears
In silent attention, mute obeisance

Each told his truth- one, two or three
They all sang paeans to fireflies in the sky
To one these night-lights were "glow worms"
These twinkling lights of eternal beauty
That vanish within a wink of Time
But sparkle with life in silent nights
In myriads in the midst of a forest

I too have written words in rhyme
On fireflies I have seen and known
But know not if I am to them
A firefly or a mere worm


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