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Useful And Fantastic: Inventing Alternatives

Val Yule advocates new thinking to solve the probelms we have created.

The media does not own your brain!

Repeat: The media does not own your brain!

Stop non-thinking as you are told!

For every whinge, attempt a solution.

Here are some topics for research, thinking, discussion, writing - and innovating.
And think up anything else you would like to 'alternatise' -

Alternatives to poverty
Alternatives to competition - ways to cooperate
Alternatives to drugs
Alternative taxes
Alternatives to waste
Alternatives for jobs
Alternatives to consuming - what can be re-used?
Alternatives to always getting bigger
Alternative pleasures
Alternative glory - who should be celebrated, and how?
Alternative celebrations
Alternatives for Parliament
Alternative sustainability
Alternatives to suicide
Alternatives to extinction
Alternative dreams
Alternative visions

For example - Gambling is a human instinct for survival. Without being willing to gamble we would never try anything, dare anything. No explorers, no reformers, no inventors.

Gambling for money is only a silly way to lose money and to mis-use the Gambling Instinct. What you win, someone else must lose. So - a topic for Social inventing - Alternative ways to use the Gambling Instinct.


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