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Open Features: Master Smoke - 6

Alfred Mielacher continues his imaginative tale.

Sixth evening

Gee, today was even warmer than yesterday. Out came shorts, T-shirts and sandals. I even searched for suntan lotion once I decided to go up to the village!

Everybody I spoke to was criticising the weather-man by saying something like:
“How can he forecast a heat wave at this time of year?” and
“How dare he send us a heat wave now!” and
“What is the matter with the guys? A heat wave when it should be cold?” and
“Can’t he send us some normal weather anymore?” and
“I already packed away the summer clothes! Should I now unpack the whole lot again?” and stuff like that! Don’t these people comprehend that the weather-man has nothing to do with the weather?

However, what was disappointing for me was the fact that the evening and looming night ahead again felt much too warm to warrant firing up the Jet master. Instead I sat in shorts on the veranda!


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