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Open Features: Master Smoke - 5

Alfred Mielacher brings us the fifth part of his astonishing tale.

Fifth evening

One certain element of people’s daily entertainment or information seeking I do not participate in – and that is watching TV or listening to news and weather forecasts. There never is any good news to be broadcast; it’s all about natural disasters, wars and economic hardships. Good news doesn’t sell according to media findings. The only apparent good news is when quadruplets are being born. Now, as far as I am concerned, such reports are definitely not good news, since our poor planet is hopelessly over populated as it is. So how such news bulletins are deemed as positive is beyond me!

In respect to weather forecasts, those mostly turn out to be incorrect in any case; especially nowadays with global warming reaping havoc worldwide. Flash floods and unseasonably extreme high or low temperatures are more common than normal climate conditions. What the actual cause is, is not quite clear yet. Well, scientists make us believe that burning fossil fuel is the culprit which I don’t quite buy. Our planet is a living organism and goes through cycles of climatic change - like mini ice ages every 20 or so thousand years. Burning fossil fuel may have some small impact but cannot be the main reason for the weather going crazy on a global scale. I strongly believe that the change in the weather is the very slow breathing rhythm of our mother Earth!

Well, be that as it may! People are strange creatures indeed; they live their lives according to such weather reports. They plan their holidays or even day trips by what they hear on the radio – and when it turns out differently they complain bitterly. Not about the weather as such, but about the weather-man and his report from the previous evening. Like anything could be done about it! When it is summery warm, it is too flipping hot - when it is wintery chilly, it is too f...ing freezing!

Anyway, the day turned out to be seriously unseasonably warm, in fact hot. Had summer come back overnight? Are we missing out on the forthcoming winter altogether? At lunch time I went shopping for some essentials, like ground coffee and cigarettes. When speaking to folks I bumped into, I was informed that a severe heat wave is engulfing our part of the globe which is generally fine with me. However even as the evening hours approached it stayed uncannily warm – much too warm to get flames going in the Jet master! I recalled Sir Log saying at one point, ‘Practice patience my friend. As long as you need a fire, I will be back.’


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