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Useful And Fantastic: Play The Wishing Game

Val Yule suggests that the wishing game can be played to keep your mind occupied during boring meetings or when you are finding it difficult to fall asleep. It can be played individually or in a group.

• Think of something wrong that needs fixing. Like nicer shelters at bus stops, or giving vandals something better to do, or cheaper food at football matches, or stopping international financial speculation.

• Think of ideas to solbe these problems. Make wishes for magical solutions.

• And then you think of what could go wrong to keep your ideas from working. For example, you can think of something super for a playground. Why wouldnt it work? Because vandals would steal or smash it.

• So the next step of the game is - how to get people keen on not stealing or smashing up the equipment. So you have to
exercise your brains a bit more on that one.

• And then see if your ideas can be made to work.

As the poet T S Eliot has said: ‘Between the idea and the action
Falls the shadow.'

All that some people can think of is to rubbish other people's ideas. The basis of Social Inventing is that each one of us has it in us to improve the quality of life, to solve social problems, small and big.


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