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A Writer On Writing: Publishing an E-Anthology – Is It Worth It?

Sally Jenkins finds many benefits from dipping her toe into e-publishing.

This question appears in Della Galton’s column in the current Writers’ Forum magazine. http://www.writers-forum.com/

I thought I’d try to answer it using my own experience, with two anthologies published over the last six weeks or so.
I published One Day For Me on 23rd January and, as of 6th March, I have sold 63 copies, 3 on Amazon.com and the rest in the UK. Of the UK sales, 58 were at 77p each (giving me a 26p royalty each) and 2 were at £1.53 (giving me £1.03 royalty each). This has given me total UK royalties of £17.14.
I published Old Friends on 22nd February and, as of 6th March, I have sold 20 copies, all in the UK at 77p each. This has given me total UK royalties of £5.20.

So, financially, I say it has not been worthwhile. BUT I still have a lot to learn about e-book marketing and the inner workings of the great Amazon machine. So I’m hoping that once I get my head around that and also publish a couple more books that I have ideas for, sales will improve. In the meantime, if anyone knows how to get a foothold in the US market – please let me know!

Forgetting the financial side of it, there have been many other benefits from dipping my toe into e-publishing.
I’ve had lots of positive feedback from people who’ve read the books, particularly One Day For Me, in the form of Amazon reviews, emails and face to face. Also, I’ve learnt that those outside the ‘writing industry’ often don’t appreciate the importance of leaving reviews for books they’ve enjoyed – and many simply don’t know how to do it.

But the best thing to come out of this experience is the new respect that family, friends and work colleagues have for my writing. It is no longer just ‘a little hobby’. Instead it is something that has a tangible product which is on sale worldwide and which they can buy. This has made me feel more professional and less guilty about claiming to be a writer.
So, in summary – YES, the anthologies have definitely been worthwhile.

And if you buy one, I think you’ll find they’re a worthwhile read as well!

One Day For Me: 8 Award-Winning Stories - these stories have all either won or been shortlisted in UK national writing competitions. http://www.amazon.co.uk/One-Day-Me-Award-Winning-ebook/dp/B00B4XCYJC/ref=pd_sim_kinc_1

Old Friends: 13 Coffee Break Stories - these stories have all previously appeared in UK magazines http://www.amazon.co.uk/Old-Friends-Coffee-Stories-ebook/dp/B00BJIKIBI/ref=pd_sim_kinc_1


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