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Poetry Pleases: Bernadette

William Ruleman reflects upon the frail, small, "unworthy'' girl who saw the Mother of God.

It takes no special strain of intellect
To see the Mother of God. Instead, you must
Have been receptive in ways many made of dust
Are not, you child of ignorance and neglect.

Collecting firewood led you to that cave,
A sorry site for sundry scenes of joy;
And you, too frail and small to lure a boy,
Yet bore Her beauty with you to the grave

A sad score later. For all the time you felt
Yourself unworthy of that sacred sight
While myriad “betters” missed such honored delight.
Envying your vision, hardened hearts still melt.

Yet if the Virgin could come, “poor sinner,” to you,
Perhaps she might to us worse sinners too.

--William Ruleman, © 2013


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