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Open Features: Master Smoke - 7

...The mania about this communication with logs is the discomfort one suffers by knowing one’s thoughts are not private. This at the best of times is not a superior position to find one-self in...

Alfred Meilacher continues his astonishing tale.

Seventh evening

I am pleased to report that the heat wave had moved on during the early hours of the morning. Although it stayed sunny all day long, the mercury in the thermometer never climbed above normal - which basically meant, that I could look forward to the evening fire!

Early afternoon I remembered that Sir Log likes dust and ash free surrounds. With special care and double trouble I went to work: I emptied the huge metal ash tray; vacuumed vigorously in and around the Jet master; restacked logs more precisely; mopped the floor tiles all around it; and even treated the metal chimney pipe with ‘Hi-Heat Spray’ to make it shiny black!

Then the minute had arrived to get the craze on its way. My heart pounded with anticipation as the first log caught alight. As excited, or scared for that matter, as only a child can be on the first day of school, I sat there waiting and listening. As he advised the other night, I ought to exercise patience; although that is certainly not my middle name! Considering how long it took Sir Log to come to life the previous evenings, this time it merely took him a minute, when he said, “Good evening, Sir!”

Immediately I recognised something strange and different about his voice, besides the fact that he greeted me with ‘Sir’. Knowing that I shouldn’t be thinking, I said, “Good evening to you too, Sir Log. How are you?”

“I am very well, thank you for asking! How are you?”

“I’m very well indeed!” I replied, not quite sure if he is mocking me or not...ooops!

“I have no intention of mocking you!” the voice responded. “Having observed you this afternoon, I am very proud of you and decided to greet you myself. Keep up the good work!” - And after a faint whistle-like sound it became still.

“Master Smoke? Is that you?” But it remained silent!

It must have been, I concluded. The mania about this communication with logs is the discomfort one suffers by knowing one’s thoughts are not private. This at the best of times is not a superior position to find one-self in. There are some clairvoyants or card and palm readers around, who apparently can foretell one’s future; none of whom I have great respect for. However when one is in communiqué with flaming pieces of pine logs, and they know what they will answer before you actually finished thinking a thought – that does get a tad hairy!

If that was Master Smoke in person, and I convinced myself of that very fact, I ought to be thrilled beyond measure; except I wasn’t. If it was him, then why didn’t he stay and talk more about what he wishes to enlighten me about? Such thoughts and contemplations swirled around my head like a tornado, when... “Good evening, my friend!”

“Hey, great, welcome back, Sir Log!” I retorted ever so enthralled. “Was that Master Smoke himself a minute ago?”

“Yes, it was! To get in direct contact with an Earthling is something HE has never done before. Together we had watched your action from earlier today with absolute delight. HE felt truly touched by it and decided there is a first for everything! We all were stunned by his deed.”

“Wow!” ... ooops! ...“Do I actually have to put my thoughts into words? Or are you simply explaining why Master Smoke has chosen me?”

“My friend!” he ensued. “I know it troubles you that HE didn’t stay longer to speak with you, but believe me, HE has his reasons. I know it is hard for you to grasp as a concept, especially as it is beyond your capability of understanding.”

“So, what is the point of it all then?” I asked getting slightly frustrated by his insinuations. Ooops! It occurred to me that he read my frustrating thoughts and as he didn’t continue to talk, it became clear to me that he didn’t approve and seemed to have gone away. “Are you still here, Sir Log?” I said as friendly and forthcoming as I could manage, however...


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