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A Fistful Of Stars: Milestone 60

Poet and author Hariharan Balakrishnan reaches one of life's significant milestones and asks a question.

Milestone sixty is where I head
From pre-dawn today this early Spring
Birds atwitter, the sun was shy
Soon it dawned, the day was bright
The noon was hot, the breeze was cool
Evening came and birds flew home
The moon rose East, and showed my place
I sat down and felt a midnight chill

Boyhood passed in God's good time
Teens I skipped in anger-angst
Twenties passed in sober thought
Thirties were my rote years
Forties were a fighting time
Fifties passed in twinkle-time
Here I am past fifty-nine
Grandpas's clock says tick-tock-tick
Milestone sixty is now with me
Will there be a sixty-one?


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