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A Writer On Writing: Writing The Mystery Novel

Has anyone ever been on one of Lois Maddox’s ‘Relax and Write’ weekends?

I’m feeling excited because I’ve just booked ‘Writing the Mystery Novel’ with Eileen Robertson, in Leeds. It’s a birthday present from my mum (I had a big birthday a couple of weeks ago) and I’m really looking forward to it - even though it’s not until October. http://www.eileenrobertson.co.uk/

A fellow Midlands writer, David Gough, has just been on a ‘Discover Travel Writing’ course with Lois’ organisation and gave me a glowing report about it. http://lightblend.blogspot.co.uk/

So why did I choose mystery novel-writing? Two reasons:
• I enjoy crime/thriller/mystery novels and most of my TV viewing is in the same genre – anything from the ‘cosy’ crime of Midsomer Murders http://www.itv.com/midsomermurders/ through New Tricks http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006t0qx to the grittier Scandinavian dramas of The Killing and Wallander.

• I saw some interesting statistics on BookBub (a site which advertises special offer e-books to thousands of email subscribers). These showed that many more of their readers are interested in buying mysteries and thrillers than any other genre. At the time of writing they have 410,000 subscribers interested in these types of books compared to Romance, which is the next largest genre at 310,000 subscribers. If you’re interested in how other genres fare, have a look here.

I know that I won’t come back from Leeds a fully fledged mystery novelist but I hope to be inspired both by the course itself and the chance to mix with other writers (as well as having the chance to stay in what is described as 4-star venue).

Roll on October!


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