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Useful And Fantastic: Are We Being Dumbed Down - 4

Our responses to being dumbed down are often paradoxically stupid, writes Val Yule.

Examples of our stupidity:-

1 Ethiopia had a terrible famine 25 years ago. Since then its population has doubled and there are more droughts. For an Ethiopian, more children may mean more possibilities that some may survive- but aid agencies have less to excuse their responses to what could be easily foretold.

2 Stimulating consumption and waste to avoid economic recession, when that is almost the worst thing to do ecologically with climate changes and future shortages of resources. How could the economy itself be adapted to less consumption, and jobs be in more useful fields than producing waste?

3 Carbon trading as a solution to reducing carbon emissions – driven by commercial interests, when carbon taxing would be both more effective and not allow such financial profits to be made in the trading.

4 Water trading – driven by commercial interests seeking privatization of water.

5 The population policies of the West.

6 Myths about human behaviour that are damaging – such as the myth that symbolic violence reduces rather than encourages physical violence by giving ‘outlets’.

7 Enthusiasm for 'blowing' pur minds with drugs.

8 Marketing products without testing for bugs.

9 Responses of anger to anything frustrating or against perceived immediate personal interest. Many responses to online e-magazine articles express bile rather than considered thinking.


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