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A Writer On Writing: A Critique From Sally

Sally Jenkins is planning to open a critiquing service, offering a fresh pair of eyes and advice on stories.

A pair of fresh eyes looking at your work is a wonderful thing and can be especially beneficial when those eyes donít belong to your other half, best friend or anyone else who is very close to you.

My husband never reads anything I write and itís probably just as well. If he told me it was excellent, Iíd accuse of him of just saying that to keep me in a good mood. If he told me it was rubbish, Iíd accuse him of not knowing a thing about writing short stories and then Iíd probably storm off.

Itís much better to ask someone whoís Ďat a distanceí. Thatís why I value my fortnightly Ďswapsí with Helen.http://blogaboutwriting.wordpress.com/ We both know that we can trust what the other says and we donít take any criticism personally. After all itís just this one story that is being pulled apart not our total writing ability. Other people often comment to me that they could do with a ĎHelení of their own.

So, Iíve decided to put my experience, gained over the last few years, to good use and offer a critiquing service. Itís still in the planning stages at the moment. Sharon from A Quick Read http://www.aquickread.net/ bravely put herself forward as my first guinea pig and sheís given me some very useful feedback on the critique that I sent her and the sort of price that I should charge (we also had a mild disagreement on the number of words required in stories for The Weekly News Ė can any of you confirm whether itís 1200 or 750/800?)

Before I open for business, Iíd like to make sure that Iím offering what people want (and are willing to pay for). So Iíd like to critique a story of up to 2,000 words (for free) for a reader of this blog.

So if you would like me to look at your work and, in exchange, you are willing to give me feedback on the service that Iíve provided Ė please contact me.

And finally, many thanks to those of you that took the time to review Old Friends http://www.amazon.co.uk/Old-Friends-Coffee-Stories-ebook/dp/B00BJIKIBI/ref=la_B00B5DEMHI_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369340115&sr=1-1 during its recent free offer; Anne http://www.annelharvey.blogspot.co.uk/, Parlance http://www.wordsallaround.blogspot.com.au/ , Julie and Pip.


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