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Double Cream: Embroidery

Joyce Worsfold's poem requests a remake.

Embroider me, but better than I am
For a woman's shortcomings
Clamber out of cupboards,
call in cobwebs and
bellow in the dust.

My failings are spread on floors for all to see
Like winged beasts
But even then it's fiction woven in tapestry.

Stitch me strands on which to stand
for I am needle-sharp,
A roaring lioness who dares
to travel further.
And my needle is threaded,
ready to weave my silken threads
and break the chains.


Joyce Worsfold and Robert Taylor, the authors of Double Cream, are brother and sister and have spent most of their working lives teaching children in Yorkshire. They have written together since child-hood, producing poetry, stories, plays, musicals, song lyrics and monologues. Over 30 years they have performed their work for many audiences mostly in the North of England and Scotland, delighting thousands and bringing them both laughter and tears.

Joyce can be contacted for bookings at
telephone 01924 840 847

Robert can be contacted for bookings at
telephone 01830 520 344


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