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U3A Writing: Genie of the Lamp

"Our life’s a continuing story that we take for granted,'' writes Meryl Nickels.

Genie of the lamp
we call you forth
from the ancient bowl
and call again.
Are you sleeping
in your confined space,
dreaming perhaps
of days long past?

You have been there so long
cramped in your prison.
Come forth and bring
a plethora of dreams
that we might explore
the past where you came from
the present where we are
and the future that will be.

You have been a prisoner of time.
Now, in releasing you
we release the dreams within us
the stories that wait to be told.
An abundance of technology we have
but the magic we crave
only you can supply.

We conjure you from the past.
We beg, nay, command you:
emerge in a swirl of vapour
that will drift into our minds
stirring memories
ideas, longings, poems –
poems to set the world on fire.

Our life’s a continuing story
that we take for granted
not appreciating that,
to others, there is adventure,
romance, courage, despair,
hope, and best of all love
to be savoured and shared.

We shape our lives
as best we can.
But with your magic
we might create
a different world!


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