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Open Features: More Than A Picture On A Wall

"Bible Camp is a good place to make new friends, meet up with old ones, and it’s a good time for everyone,'' writes Pamy Blaine.

“Whose picture is on that wall,” asked the little girl.

“That’s Jesus,” I said and then went on to explain that nobody really knows what Jesus looks like but the picture was what that particular artist thought he might look like. She nodded and then quietly sat and listened to the camp pastor telling the Bible story of Ruth and Naomi.

I always enjoy Bible Camp and this year was no exception. I love the excitement of the children as they play games, make new friends, and study the Bible. I was privileged to be a part of three different children’s camps this summer. Rodeo Bible Camp, Girls’ Camp, and Boys’ Camp.

My part of leading Bible Camp for Girls’ Camp was leading music. We sang old songs like Bringing in the Sheaves to go along with Ruth gleaning the fields, and newer songs like Love the Lord Your God that is a song taken directly from scripture about the greatest commandment of all.

Bible Camp is a good place to make new friends, meet up with old ones, and it’s a good time for everyone. The kids worked together on crafts, skits, and games. Some camps had swimming and woodworking while others had skating, and horseback riding.

There were no electronic games, movies, iPods, television, or cell phones to interrupt our concentration. Instead we focused on God and our relationship with Him as we learned from the Bible. The camp leaders stressed that there are no dumb questions as the counselors and teachers listened and helped children search the Bible for answers.

Finally, the last day of camp came and planning began for the ending programs the children prepare for their families. Out of all the songs that we sang during camp, I was impressed that the children wanted to do the songs that carried the strongest messages. The Boys’ Camp chose to focus on the song “In Christ Alone” that tells where we put our trust. The girls chose a song that emphasized reaching out to others with that same message as they held up their candles and sang: “Carry your candle ….Go Light Your World”. It was evident that these children want to make a difference in their world.

Some of the children made life-changing decisions at camp. One of them was the little girl who asked about the picture on the wall. She came running up to me one afternoon with great excitement saying, “I wanted to tell you that I asked Jesus to be in my heart!” I rejoiced with her at the amazing knowledge that the God of the universe desires to live within the very heart of our being. I’m so glad she met Jesus. Artists can only suggest what He might possibly look like because a picture cannot contain who He is. He is so much more than a picture on a wall.



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