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U3A Writing: Hip Hip Hooray For U3A

Ralph Thomas celebrates the U3A.

Reciting poems for Senior Cits for nigh on twenty years,
Often off-hand appreciation, rarely hearty claps or cheers,
Sometimes my compositions, mostly by other bards were written.
By chance I heard of U3A and instantly was smitten.

A special friend of many years gave to me the gen,
About Sunraysia U3A – the how, what, where and when.
She told of activities every day, something for every taste,
“Just join with a writing group, don’t let your talent go to waste.”

A quick look through a newsletter, I frankly was delighted,
For a group called Writing for Pleasure was one I quickly sighted,
Amongst the choirs, talks and readings, films on a Friday
The yearly fee was promptly paid to join Sunraysia U3A.

Now every Friday, come what may, with the group Writing for Pleasure
Whether verse or descriptive text, the fellowship’s there to treasure.
With homework, tasks and quizzes, means the pen’s in hand each day,
My wish for many years ahead with Sunraysia U3A.


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