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A Writer On Writing: Maxine’s Story

Sally Jenkins has just launched another book, the first in a series entitled The Museum Of Fractured Lives - and here's what a professional critic thought of it: “A thoroughly compelling read, which flows effectively from start to finish. I don’t see how you could improve it.”

Maxine’s Story is the first in The Museum of Fractured Lives series.

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The café in the Museum of Fractured Lives is a place for sharing secrets and exploring painful memories.

Several years ago, Maxine and Kaspar experienced the turbo-charged emotions of teenage romance. But the consequences of their relationship cast a long shadow into Maxine’s adulthood and now she is about to reveal something that she has never told a soul …

The Museum of Fractured Lives displays objects donated by people who have suffered a trauma in their lives. The objects are a symbol of that trauma. When accepting a donation, the museum employees try to obtain the full story behind the object. This is difficult because many of the donors are very emotional.

Each book in The Museum of Fractured Lives series tells the story of one donated object and the person who has given it.
This is a ‘flash’ novella of approximately 8,500 words.

The first 3,000 words of Maxine’s Story were professionally critiqued as part of my annual subscription to Freelance Market News. Here are is an extract:
“A thoroughly compelling read, which flows effectively from start to finish. I don’t see how you could improve it.”

I’d be extremely grateful for an Amazon review – these reviews are like gold dust to authors.

If there’s anyone out there who hasn’t read One Day For Me yet –
One Day For Me – Eight Award Winning Stories by Sally Jenkins http://www.amazon.co.uk/One-Day-Me-Award-Winning-ebook/dp/B00B4XCYJC/


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