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Open Features: MTS Nacella - Part 6

Alfred Mielacher continues his story of a young man who decided to go to sea in search of adventure - only to find himself in the midst of a bigger adventure than he had bargained for.

As is usually the case after a night of over indulging in alcoholic beverages, especially the bubbly kind, I awoke with serious throbbing behind my right eye. I wasn’t sure whether what I remembered was a vivid dream or the faint memory of hazy reality. I hadn’t dared to open my eyes in fear of further increase in pain, so I just lay there for a while trying to remember the events from last night. All was pretty clear up to the point where Blondie, Candice and myself, were celebrating the immense wealth that Candice would soon wallow in. However I could not remember us leaving the restaurant. What I do recall though is the fact, or the nightmare, that when the three of us were busy engaging in a blissful threesome a guy entered the restaurant and started yelling. Blondie took care of that unforeseen surprise visitor by ripping the clothes from his body and charming him into wild sex. The whole scene was as beautiful as it was surreal, but nevertheless caused me to smile now which worsened my headache tenfold!

Unaware of my whereabouts, I cautiously opened my eyes. What came into view was not the blue sky above, nor the underside of a car, but my own body on cream sheets reflected in a huge ceiling mirror with Candice by my side! Ever so gently I pulled myself into a sitting position, admiring the striking half covered figure of my soon to be millionaires. No sign of Blondie or the guy!

My movements woke her and seeing me she smiled the smile of all smiles – her long blond hair lying spread out over the cushion.

“Hey! Good morning, my friend!” she whispered.

“Hey! A very good morning to you too! How is your head?”

“My head is fine. A slight pounding, otherwise okay! How is yours?” grinning from ear to ear as if she was remembering something remarkable.

“Sledgehammer like! But I’m sure it will pass! What happened at the restaurant last night?” I asked sheepishly.

“Don’t you remember? We had a lot of fun once all the guests had left!”


“You were fiery! You don’t recall! Do you?” she said, starting to laugh.

It dawned on me that that vivid dream may not have been an illusion after all. I lay down next to her and asked “Did some guy arrive at one time?”

“Sure did! Kasper was furious catching the three of us in the act. However he is all too fond of Blondie, and vice versa. So his shouting soon turned into panting. Don’t you remember?”

“I do! But I wasn’t certain it actually did take place or whether I had dreamt it all!”

“No dream! I assure you!” and she told me in detail the discussion the four of us had after the sex session. Apparently Kasper expressed sheer happiness about the money Candice will inherit from Karl and even forgiveness regarding her decision not to flee with him all the way to Alaska. “My friend Blondie did her best to convince him that she too is a lovely woman. And the two of them were lovers not too long ago in any case. Perhaps she is not as rich as I’m going to be soon but she has plenty of money in her own right. Don’t you remember anything at all concerning our talk? We all were at the bar - Blondie behind it, Kasper and me in front, and you on top! You had vehemently insisted on it! No memory creeping up?”

Rolling over onto my back I was trying hard to retrieve relevant information out of my hurting head but all I could remember was the sex thing!

“You must have exhausted me to such a degree that I was unable to capture anything that had happened afterwards!” I said looking at us through the ceiling mirror. “It is simply astonishing what champagne does to my mind. It isn’t the first time that bubbly has such an effect on my memory. Once... Sorry, never mind! Where were you before coming to the restaurant?”

“With a friend of mine! The same in fact whose brother wrote that paper I had given you to read!”

“Having read that file I nearly made a serious ass of myself, you know? I totally misinterpreted the content of it! Anyway, how did we get home?”

“We walked of course!” she answered staring deep into my eyes from above.

“Of course! So what am I doing in your bed?”

The sledgehammer in my head, set on overdrive, had meanwhile transformed into light tapping which was bearable. The room was bathed in bright morning light seeping through the closed curtains. The decor was of the expensive kind but stylish in design and colour. The sheets were surely silk or a similar fabric smooth to the touch. Again the question of Karl’s wealth entered my mind which I instantly blocked out, admiring Candice in the mirror instead. My mind went off again in regards to her future when I became aware of her voice saying “Don’t you like waking up in my bed?”

“Uhh! Sure I do! It’s the best thing that happened to me since setting out to find a ship!” I answered her into the mirror above!


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