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Open Features: MTS Nacella -Episode 11

In the past 10 weeks Alfred Mielacher has been telling the story of a young man who went to sea in search of adventure.

Today there is a shocking conclusion.

The same day that Jona’s diary arrived at his parent’s home, the following short editorial was published in the Hamburger Abendblatt, 19 December 1978:

Deutsche Shell sadly has lost one of its crude oil tankers in a North Sea storm. The MTS Nacella was on its way from Shell Haven in the Thames Estuary to the Orkney Islands north of Scotland when it passed through a violent force 11 storm. In its 9 year existence the ship had with stood all weather in the North Sea. An official investigation has been launched to establish why the 265 m long, 120,000 ton crude oil tanker broke in half and sank off the coast of Scotland. No survivors are reported.


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