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Feather's Miscellany: Signs Of The Times

John Waddington-Feather writes a wry poem spotlighting our digital age.

Old Billy Butler had a grandson
As bright as polished brass,
And so good at computerage,
Him no one could surpass.
Least of all his Grandad Bill,
Who watched him quite amazed
working his computer bank,
bewildered, lost and fazed.

Young Cedric was his grandson called,
A whizz-kid at his work;
But as his granddad queried more,
Young Cedric was quite nerked.
At length he turned round from his desk,
And Billy felt a fool
When Cedric asked him to his face,
“What were you taught at school?”

By contrast Billy’s pal, Fred Stead,
Was asked by his grandson,
Who’d come to him a book in hand,
“Where do I plug it in?”

John Waddington-Feather ©


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