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Double Cream: Ice-Cream Parlour

...But ice-cream is queen
Over all the rest...

Joyce Worsfold enters sweet-tooth heaven.

The prattle of tea-cups
The hush-swish-hush of coffee machine
Purple light and plastic chairs in underwater green.
What shall I choose?
A large knickerbocker,
Cappuccino or mocha?
A children's Diddy-cup, Fizzy-float
A warm Belgian waffle or a jelly-boat?

I limber up my tongue
And view the plastic dome.
Lemon cheesecake, scone or spiced curd tart.
When on earth will I ever start?
Hot chocolate with whipped cream choc-flake or mallow Expectant faces drool and swallow.
Wide-eyed mopple-tots are strident in their choosing
Soft-haired senior citizens are quieter in their musing.
I spy, ice-cream
Honeycomb, toffee and blueberry pie
Blackcurrant, rhubarb and strawberry, sigh!
Eat slowly, Stop and savour
Taste-buds tingle
Every flavour.
Look around, lick lips, such gratification
Mellow music, sighs, buzz of conversation.

A psychedelic cyclist sips
A lemon leaf tea with herbal hips.
Weary walkers rest and imbibe
Hot soup simmered, soothing inside

But ice-cream is queen
Over all the rest
Everyone knows
That ice-cream is best.
Eat slowly,
Flavours sing
Glacial gladness
Textures ring
Lips sliding over silky-iced joy
Frosted pleasure that can never cloy.


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