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A Writer On Writing: Listverse

Sally Jenkins tells of a way to earn $100.

We all know that magazines love articles with numbers in the title, for example 5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight or 10 Things to Do in Paris.

Listverse is a website with a similar penchant for numbered lists. It publishes lists of 10 linked items, each article must have a minimum word count of 1000. The site pays $100 by PayPal for each list published. http://listverse.com/

The lists can be about absolutely anything and range from general knowledge and current affairs to the totally bizarre. Some of the titles I spotted were:

• 10 Modern-Day Exorcisms
• 10 Sets of People Who Were Switched at Birth
• 10 Craziest Things Done by Philosophers
• 10 Brutal North Korean Secrets
• 10 Fascinating Facts About Bears

The site is split into the following sections:
• Bizarre
• Entertainment
• General Knowledge
• Lifestyle
• Science
• Society

There is such a wide remit here that I’m sure I must be able to think of something to write and send in but my mind has gone a total blank – except for that ‘To Do’ list waiting for me on the kitchen work top!

If you’re more inspired than me the full submission guidelines for Listverse are here. http://listverse.com/write-get-paid/


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