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The Scrivener, The Scrivener: The Days Of The Spruning

Brian Barratt presents a sparadigm from Urdles of the Normic flune.

When first they jimped the sleam
And spruned their curls in hope;
When the vales gave rise to steam
And harbingered old rope.

When Normic victories were won
And flunes enjoyed their day;
When gnlish rose daily with the sun
And lined the daily tray.

Then reaptic plinges sang they loud,
And urdled through the night,
For green they were, and strong, and proud
Of vales and spinnering light.

Those days are sadly gone. Alas
The steam no longer gloans.
The lawns have overcome the pass
Their urdles now are moans.

But think they back, in vallic praise,
Of days of sleams and rope!
And gladly wordle of the days
When gnlish behest their hope.

When gnlish rose daily with the sun
In vales of spinnering light,
The greenest plinges oft were won
With spruned curls of great might.

Copyright Brian Barratt 2013


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