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July 10, 2006


…And so the great adventure comes to an end, the last star trek of the Enterprise and its glorious crew.

But there is immortality, and the hope that Jim Kirk and his famous colleagues will continue to be involved in the universe’s epochal events.

Brian William Neal brings his great space odyssey to a close. The best tribute you can pay to this hugely gifted writer and story teller is to click on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page and re-live the Enterprise’s final mission.

Read also in Open Writing Brian’s novel The Kingdom Of The Blind.

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July 03, 2006

Chapter Twenty-Seven - All Is Revealed

...Q glared, and raised his hand again, and the light grew once more. McCoy groaned, and tried to stand, but fell to the floor. He looked up at Q, and the light seemed to be growing; the pain in his chest faded, and still the light grew in intensity. I’m dying, he thought. This is it, the old final frontier. Then he saw that Q had lowered his hand; the light, however, continued to increase in intensity, while the pain in his chest abated, then disappeared altogether. The light, unearthly and translucent, shimmered in several distinct shapes...

Something very strange is happening. Something stranger than McCoy has encountered in all his starship travels.

Brian William Neal's thrilling story, The Last Star Trek, produces even bigger surprises as it nears its conclusion.

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June 26, 2006

Chapter Twenty-Six - Aftermath

...Leonard McCoy looked at the stars and thought again of his friends. The pain was still there after more than six weeks objective time, fresh and acute, and he knew it would be a long time before it went away, if indeed it ever did. But now, at least, he could stand the thoughts, with no fear that they would unman him in public. Well, almost none. God, I miss those people, he thought. He watched the stars, and the faces of his friends danced across his vision, faces burnt so indelibly into his memory that he knew he would never forget them, no matter how long he lived....

McCoy is speeding across the universe, heading home to Planet Earth, missing his starship colleagues of many years, dreading the pomp and ceremony which lie in wait.

Brian William Neal's epic and unforgettable story continues to stir emotions as it moves towards its conclusion.

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June 19, 2006

Chapter Twenty-Five - Genocide

...Gingerly, favoring his injured shoulder, McCoy slipped off his boots and climbed into the chamber. Lying down and making himself comfortable, he set the controls for indefinite sleep; if no one found him, then he would sleep forever, or at least until the shuttle’s power ran out. The way he felt right then, he couldn’t care less...

Brian William Neal's sensational space adventure moves towards a relentless conclusion.

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June 12, 2006

Chapter Twenty-Four - The Final Frontier

...McCoy lowered the glasses and looked at his old friend once more. “God bless you, Jim,” he whispered. Then he turned away from the window and moved to sit at the controls of the shuttle, brushing angry tears from his eyes. He was no pilot, but the shuttle was simple to operate...

Brian William Neal's account of the mission of the famous and gallant crew of the starship Enterprise to the most hostile planet in the universe moves toward a shocking, almost unbearable, climax.

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June 05, 2006

Chapter Twenty-Three - Nest

...Aa monstrous intelligence was stirring. She was old, very old, and her will was enormous, all-encompassing. She exercised it now, putting out feelers of thought to her nearest minions gathered in the nest with her...

We meet the foul creature that has spawned the warrior monsters which beseiged Captain Kirk and his starship Enterprise crew - the creature that is intent on conquering the Universe.

If this is your first encounter with Brian William Neal's unsurpassably thrilling space adventure, click on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page and start reading it from the beginning.

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May 29, 2006

Chapter Twenty-Two - Capture

...Cautiously, he lifted his head above the foliage that had protected him during the attack, and looked around the camp. What he saw left him relieved, but puzzled. He had dreaded, but half-expected, to see the bodies of Kirk, Spock and Sulu lying somewhere, but from his present position they were nowhere in sight...

McCoy goes in search of his three surviving colleagues who have been captured by alien creatures who are the stuff of nightmares.

Read Brian William Neal's breath-stopping space adventure from the beginning by clicking on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page.

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May 22, 2006

Chapter Twenty-One - Valley Of Death

...The creatures appeared out of the murky light like something from a nightmare, their elongated heads and waving tails making them look like misshapen lizards, but lizards from a madman’s vision of hell. The defenders opened fire, and the aliens began to drop, only to rise again almost immediately. They carried short sticks in their three-fingered hands, obviously a weapon of some kind...

The battle which ensues is relentless, the outcome for the beleaguered crew of the starship Enterprise is devastating.

The latest chapter in Brian William Neal's epic Star Trek adventure brings terrible news.

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May 15, 2006

Chapter Twenty - Made In Hell

Scotty, looking very uncomfortable, tried again. “Well, y’see captain, it’s like this. We, that is, Uhura and me, we would, ah…” He trailed off again for a moment, then burst out, “Och, captain, we want ye tae marry us!

After the starship Enterprise has crash-landed on a planet inhabited by the most hellish beings imaginable, a happy event temporarly relieves the tension of the beleagured crew.

Read Brian William Neal's thrilling space adventure from Chapter One onwards by clicking on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page.

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May 08, 2006

Chapter Nineteen - Enterprise Down

"Struggling with the controls, Sulu attempted to gain precious height, in order to clear the ridge that was approaching rapidly, while Kirk sat back in his chair and watched helplessly. Had they been in space, there would be any number of things he could be doing, but in a planet’s atmosphere, where no starship was ever meant to go, had ever gone before, he could only sit and watch. Their lives were in the hands of the Asian pilot, and Kirk reflected that there was no one he would rather entrust the task to than Sulu. If it could be done, then he would do it...''

Brian William Neal's brilliant story demands your white-knuckled attention. You will be snatching at every word as the starship Enterprise lumbers almost out of control towards the surface of a planet inhabited by the deadliest of all creatures.

If this is your first encounter with Brian's thrilling story, save this episode for later reading. Click on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page and begin the adventure at Chapter One.

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May 01, 2006

Chapter Eighteen - Where None Have Gone Before

...Chekov had command of the ship, and while the Russian was a very competent starship captain, he was inclined to be somewhat headstrong, and did not have Kirk’s experience in battle. Consequently, when the four ships approached firing their weapons, Chekov, instead of using the Enterprise’s warp engines to escape, chose to stand and fight...

Brian William Neal builds up the excitement level in his galactic space adventure, The Last Star Trek, to a near unbearable pitch. Is this the end of the starship Enterprise?

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April 24, 2006

Chapter Seventeen - Decision Time

...If those….things ever get out into the galaxy, it could mean the end of all civilized life as we know it. With their….unique method of breeding, it would only be a matter of time before they took over everything; Humans, Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans…All would fall before such a relentless onslaught. We can’t allow that to happen. In the face of such a threat, maybe the Prime Directive doesn’t apply...

The crew of the Enterprise engage in the most important philosophical debate of their lives.

If this is your first encounter with Brian William Neal's lavishly exciting space adventure click on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page and begin reading at Chapter One. Do strap yourself in for a thrilling ride through space and time!

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April 17, 2006

Chapter Sixteen - Love And Ruins

...“Jim! Over here!”

Kirk and Spock turned at the sound of the doctor’s voice, away from the glow of their lights towards the far end of the room where McCoy and Sulu were working.

“Over here,” he called again. “I think we’ve found something.”

Kirk and the Vulcan hurried to the other end of the chamber, which was identical to a dozen others they had searched in the last two hours.

McCoy was standing in front of a gray, featureless door, set into the stone wall...

Captain Kirk and two other members of the Enterprise's crew are about to hear a terrible story in this episode in Brian William Neal's gripping new Star Trek adventure.

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April 10, 2006

Chapter Fifteen - Ripley

...They sat in silent contemplation of the enormity of the horror of such a thing, then Kirk said, “The threat posed by this species is too great for us to allow that to happen. In other words, we have to make certain that they don’t get out. In order to do that, we’ll need to go down to the surface again and determine their capabilities and potential.”...

After Spock has "hacked'' into a Star Fleet security file the crew of the starship Enterprise are made aware of the horrific creatures they must now confront.

Read Brian William Neal's thrilling new adventure story from Chapter One on by clicking on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page.

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April 03, 2006

Chapter Fourteen - Alien

...The ‘face’ of the creature revealed the most formidable display of teeth that Kirk had ever seen. It had black, rubbery lips that were pulled back from the mouth, held in place by McCoy’s clamps, and some of its teeth appeared to be four or five inches long. But it was the inside of the mouth that grabbed Kirk’s attention....

The crew of the Enterprise realise they may have to contend with a nightmarish enemy.

To read Brian William Neal's exciting space adventure from the beginning click on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page.

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March 27, 2006

Chapter Thirteen - Arrival

...With a suddenness that was as startling as it was welcome, the stars came back into normal focus on the forward viewer as the Enterprise dropped out of warp and slowed its approach to the alien system. Kirk stared at the screen, and felt a moment’s unease; the system’s sun was a color he had never seen before, a reddish-brown the color of dried blood. Unlike the orange-red sun of Vulcan, which imparted a warm, rosy glow, this star was different, darker, and it had a sinister feel to it. Kirk was struck with the sudden, prescient feeling that, whatever creatures dwelled here, they would not be friends of mankind....-

Kirk's premonitions are soon fulfilled. He encounters the embodiment of malevolence. Brian William Neal's thrilling new Star Trek voyage into the unknown, like all the very best adventure tales, compels you to read on to find out what comes next.

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March 20, 2006

Chapter 12 - Demons

Tangled dreams of past adventures haunt Captain Kirk's dreams as the starship Enterprise speeds across the galaxy.

Read Brian William Neal's vivid pyrotechnic adventure from the beginning by clicking on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page.

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March 13, 2006

Chapter Eleven - Across The Universe

A time for introspection for the crew of the Enterprise, and for the Vulcan Spock a time for music-making, as the starship races across the galaxy at an unprecedented speed. Brian William Neal explores the hearts and minds of the famous team of adventurers.

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March 06, 2006

Chapter Ten - Trans-Warp

...McCoy spoke in hushed tones. “My God, Jim. What are we doing?”

“Going where no one has gone before, Bones,” replied Kirk. Then, more softly, “And riding the fastest shooting star that’s ever existed.” They were silent for a moment, watching the awesome scene...

Trans-warp drive is engaged, and the starship Enterprise surges towards the far reaches of the galaxy. If you are coming to Brian William Neal's glorious new Star Trek adventure for the first time click on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page, and begin at the beginning.

Those already hooked on Brian's story will need no encouragement to read on.

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February 27, 2006

Chapter Nine - Enterprise

...“Ahead one-quarter impulse power, Mr. Sulu.”

Kirk’s familiar instruction was given, and the Asian Captain, now temporarily a Commander again, engaged the great ship’s conventional drive in its lowest setting. No other Star Fleet captain did this; regulations stated that a starship be taken out of space dock on thruster power only. But Jim Kirk was not just any captain; he did it anyway, and the brass, because of who he was, turned a blind eye...

The Enterprise sets out on a mission to the far reaches of the galaxy. Brian William Neal's high-class adventure moves into Trans-warp drive. For earlier chapters click on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page.

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February 20, 2006

Chapter Eight - The Mission

After the former crew members of the Starship Enterprise have assembled at Star Fleet HQ in San Francisco, Admiral James T Kirk tells them of a thrilling new mission to the far side of the galaxy. Brian William Neal's great new Star Trek adventure is about to enter unexplored regions.

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February 13, 2006

Chapter Seven - Funeral With A Friend

...Kirk quickly changed the subject. He spoke of the others; McCoy, Scotty and the rest. They talked of the old days, their time in Star Fleet, and Kirk tried not to notice how much they resembled two old men on a park bench, reliving their glory days while the world passed them by. He pushed the analogy aside; his days were not past, and his time was not over. One more mission, he had asked for. Well, he had it, and who was to say it would be the last? The way that made him feel, he could almost believe that his days might go on forever...

Captain Kirk travels to the planet Vulcan to attend the funeral of the mother of his good friend and comrade Spock. And he brings news of one further mission for the old crew of the Enterprise in this episode of a great new Star Trek adventure by Brian William Neal.

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February 06, 2006

Chapter Six - Absent Friends

James T Kirk, Montgomery Scott, Leonard McCoy, starship colleagues who have shared many vivid adventures, receive surprise calls summoning them back from retirement.

Brian William Neal's Star Trek adventure will delight fans old and new. To read earlier chapters click on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page.

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January 30, 2006

Chapter Five - Plot

Snell negotiates a deal with the Klingons, but a price will have to be paid for peace... Brian William Neal tells of a deal that hints at future conflict.

If you are coming new to this epic saga click on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page and begin by reading the earlier chapters.

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January 23, 2006

Chapter Four - Surgeon's Journal

Picard and Beverly settle down to discover the contents of McCoy's journal.

Brian William Neal's epic Star Trek adventure is about to go into stellar-drive.

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January 16, 2006

Chapter Three - The Last Survivor

Spock the Vulcan ambassador, aware that his long life is nearing its close, presents a disc containing dramatic information to his former colleagues.

If you are coming new to Brian William Neal’s epic saga, click on The Last Star Trek in the menu on this page to catch up on earlier events before reading this episode.

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January 09, 2006

Chapter Two - Hail And Farewell

Captain Jean-Luc Picard meets and chats with former crew members at the funeral of Surgeon-Captain Leonard Horatio McCoy. And Spock, formerly the Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation, approaches him with enigmatic words. “I would appreciate a moment of your time, if you can spare it, Captain. I will speak with you shortly, after some of the crowd has left. There is some urgency attached to what I have to tell you, and it might be best if there were fewer people around.”

Master story teller Brian William Neal sets the stage for a thrilling new Star Trek adventure.

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January 02, 2006

Chapter One - And Then There Was One

Ace novelist Brian William Neal today launches us into an epic sci-fi adventure - The Last Star Trek.

All those who followed Brian's marvelous adventure story The Kingdom of the Blind (click on the menu on this page) know that good reading and high excitement are guaranteed in this new Star Trek tale.

It begins with the good folk of Peach Grove, along with a star-spangled cast of visiting celebrities which includes an aged Captain Jean-Luc Picard, gathering in the warm Mississippi sunshine to pay their last respects to the town's most famous son, Surgeon-Captain Leonard Horatio McCoy, M.D., Star Fleet (Ret.).

So...fasten your seat belts, adjust your oxygen supply, make sure that all systems are GO - and settle back for a glorious literary voyage which (lucky us) will continue for months in Open Writing.

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