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November 02, 2013

How To Know If What You Are Doing Is Hurting You?

"We often hear that change is uncomfortable and that we should give things time to settle down. But how do we know if the discomfort is healthy? It could be a signal, warning us of impending disaster,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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October 25, 2013

Three Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself About Your Spiritual Journey

"We can stay confined within our limited desires, attitudes and degree of control for ever, or we can throw wide the ancient doors and allow novelty and awe to enter in.'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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October 18, 2013

God And The Superego

"So, what if God is really just another word for our superego, the source of our moral code and our sense of calling in life?'' muses novelist and columnist Leanne Hunt.

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October 11, 2013

A Vessel For God's Love

"Sometimes, when you turn things round, you get a different perspective which throws new light on a familiar subject,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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October 04, 2013

Want To Write A Novel?

Leanne Hunt tells how she tackles the enormous task of writing a novel.

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September 27, 2013

Books Exploring Possibilities

"One of the things I love about fiction is its versatility,'' writes Leanne Hunt, introducing us to a novel about a sixth sense.

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September 20, 2013

How To Build And Maintain A Friendship

"Building and maintaining friendships is like building and maintaining a beautiful home,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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September 13, 2013

Atonement, Redemption And Personal Responsibility

"Atonement, Redemption And Personal Responsibility
I may be wrong, but from where I'm standing it appears that some major shifts are taking place in the minds of thinking Christians, leading to a necessary change of emphasis in the gospel we preach.'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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September 06, 2013

Thoughts On Rejection

"It takes honesty and courage to face one's untamed demons.'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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August 30, 2013

Conscious Travel

"Travel can be a conscious process of enrichment. We don't have to follow the crowd and trek around the globe to all the must-see destinations,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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August 23, 2013

Thinking About Thinking

"The fact is, most of us do not believe in God because of a strong rational argument for religion,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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August 16, 2013

The Fabric Of Life

"...there is always the chance to enrich the fabric of our lives. We can strengthen our most valuable relationships, add new relationships, introduce exciting new relationships or tone down what we have to make our lives more tranquil.,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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August 09, 2013

If I Could Turn Back Time

"I am now whom I have chosen to be,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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August 02, 2013

Difficulty In Seeing Facial Expressions

"When I look at a person's face, all I see is a blank, and that means I am deprived of picking up as much as seventy per cent of that person's communication,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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July 19, 2013

First Motor Vehicle Service

"I have had my trusty little Peugeot for just over eighteen months. Before that, it belonged to my younger daughter, and before that, to my older daughter, and before that, to my mother. The difference between them and me is that they could see. I am the first owner of the car to be partially sighted,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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July 12, 2013

Role Models

" I have heard it said that one's choice of role model mirrors one's inner potential, which rings true for me,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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July 05, 2013

Surprising Facets Of Love

"We are designed to grow, to collaborate, to expand and to affect our world.'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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June 28, 2013

Person-Centred Counselling

"I am beginning to gain a high regard for the Carl Rogers person-centred approach to counselling. This approach is based on the philosophy that individuals have within themselves the power to solve their own problems and improve their own lives,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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June 21, 2013

Blind Person Going To The Movies

" Being blind is a handicap, but it doesn't stop me from determining what I would like to do and taking steps to make it happen,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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June 14, 2013

Trying To Find A Perspective On The Church

"Lately I have been thinking a lot about the emerging church. Emergence is a trend that seems to be taking place across the board in all sorts of churches, ranging from the very fundamental to the extremely liberal, which makes it difficult to define. Yet more and more, we are hearing the term "emerging church", especially on the internet where trends seem to be most evident,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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June 07, 2013

If The Church Didn't Exist

" I am struck by how different it is in the city where the church is but one of many organisations demanding attendance, loyalty and input. If we only get to a church-related event twice a month, we are not unusual. Yet our desire for connection has not changed. It just takes place in different ways,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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May 31, 2013

Never-ending Namibia

...There are so rarely clouds in the Namib - it rains heavily only once every two years or so - that one is almost guaranteed excellent stargazing conditions. We were especially fortunate to be there at a time when the moon, though fairly full, only rose late, thereby giving us an inky dark sky to look up into...

Leanne Hunt and her husband were thrilled by a holiday in Namibia.

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May 24, 2013

A Changing Church

"I do think notions of a literal heaven and a literal hell interfere with our rational understanding of the universe,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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May 17, 2013

What Is The Glory Of The Lord?

"I wonder if the glory of the Lord is not more than we think it is. I, for one, have always equated glory with shining light and thunderous sound, but is this the actual point of the descriptions of glory found in Scripture?'[' muses Leanne Hunt.

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May 10, 2013

When Prayer Doesn't Work

"Being saddled with macular degeneration, a form of blindness, since my teens, I have had the dubious privilege of being prayed for by a host of different people. Some were so convinced that their prayers would be answered that they practically accused me of not believing when I couldn't instantly read printed text,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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May 03, 2013

Finding God

...Gradually, it dawned on me that the desert is the place where one learns to dig wells - that is, to become resourceful. I focused on the Spirit within and found strength to get through the dry years without outward evidence of success...

Leanne Hunt writes about her spiritual journey.

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April 26, 2013

Learning About Loss

"Faith in new life is what enables a person who has suffered loss to carry on, making new choices about life and taking advantage of new opportunities. Not to believe in new life is to sit with one's lot and suffer despair forever because there is no hope of restored happiness,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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April 19, 2013

The Pain And The Joy

"Life can be hard at times, and there is often no-one willing to listen in the general ebb and flow of daily routine. Having experienced the comfort of being listened to in my distress, I know that it is one of the greatest gifts one human being can give to another, and one of the greatest goals to have in life.'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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April 12, 2013

Horse Play

...We learnt that, whereas human beings are predators, horses are prey animals, giving them a particular outlook on the world and humans in particular...

Leanne Hunt tells of the joy of horse riding.

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April 05, 2013

Having Something To Offer

"As someone who has been on the receiving end of help and attention for most of my life, it is truly wonderful to have something to offer for a change,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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March 29, 2013

A Matter Of Perspective

"There is a story in the Bible about the rich young ruler coming to Jesus and asking how he can be saved. Jesus' comment to him is, "It is much easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God". This has often troubled me as I have found it unacceptably harsh,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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March 22, 2013

Torn Apart

"There can come a time in life when doing the right thing leads you smack into doing the wrong thing.'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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March 15, 2013

Which Way?

"Assisting another to navigate terrain with which one is familiar is both gratifying and uplifting,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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March 08, 2013

Becoming A Labourer

"We live in a world that is rapidly changing and full of threats to our peace of mind. Even faith itself comes under fire, making it difficult for people to navigate through life without a trusted spiritual companion. This is why I believe prayer guiding and spiritual direction are such valuable ministries,'' declares Leanne Hunt.

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March 01, 2013

Wanting, Needing And Choosing What's Best

"Learning about emotional honesty taught me a lot about being aware of my feelings,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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February 22, 2013


"It comes and goes without warning, and therefore, it is unwise to boast about having found it. Yet, at the same time, it is worth celebrating when it finds its place in your heart.'' writes Leanne Hunt,

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February 15, 2013

What People Don't Realise About Guide Dog Owners

"Life as a guide dog owner can be quite funny,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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February 08, 2013

Going To Hell

"Why is there so much fear in Christian circles about going to hell after you die?'' muses author and columnist Leanne Hunt.

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February 01, 2013

Filling Up The Diary

"If anyone who is reading this is disabled like me, I hope this post will be an inspiration. With patience, hard times can be borne and got through,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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January 25, 2013

Dealing With Fear Of Rejection

"I have never been the assertive type and often fail to recognise when my needs are not being met,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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January 18, 2013


"There is something invigorating about clearing fresh space. It is as if, by removing the old you make room for the new,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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January 11, 2013

A New Year And A Fresh Hope

"This, then, is my hope for the new year. I have assembled a set of goals which I wish to reach over the next twelve months, but achieving these is secondary to the greater wish I have, which is to be found faithful in managing the responsibilities, gifts and challenges that characterise my life,'' declares Leanne Hunt.

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January 04, 2013

Correcting People Distraction

"The trainer then offered Lulu some food, and I had to correct her when she reached out to take it. Working guide dogs are not supposed to take food from anyone except their owners, ensuring that they cannot be led astray by temptation or distracted from the task in hand,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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December 28, 2012

A Fresh Look At Chores

" As someone who has tasted what it's like to be housebound and dependent on others, I can appreciate the joy of taking clothes to the dry cleaners and the satisfaction of collecting pills from the vet for my dog. Posting parcels at the post office is likewise a fulfilling experience,'' writs Leanne Hunt.

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December 21, 2012

Why Do We Need Religion?

"I know that there is no proof for the existence of God, but I choose to believe because I have tasted what unbelief feels like and it isn't pleasant,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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December 07, 2012

Lulu Attends Bible Study

...Lulu loves people and is quite convinced, I am sure, that when they smile and hurry towards us, it is because she is so adorable. She wags her tail and spins around to accept the admiration that she is certain will come her way...

Leanne Hunt is accompanied by her guide dog when she attends a Bible study class.

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November 30, 2012

Navigating Around The Shopping Centre

"Much of the time that I am out with my guide dog Lulu I am not alone,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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November 23, 2012

Preserving Calm

"If there is one thing I have learnt from my quiet lifestyle of late, it is how to preserve calm. You don't do it by trying to keep things in control. You do it by letting go of things that have the power to stress you and by living in the moment,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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November 16, 2012

The Purpose Of A Blog

"...there are only a few reasons for having a blog and they range from making money to making more of yourself.'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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November 09, 2012

My Life, A Holy Prayer

"A life of prayer, I have discovered, is not a lifetime full of prayer-like acts. On the contrary, it is a moment-to-moment surrender of one's will to God,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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September 07, 2012

Ancestral Pilgrimage

"I am planning a trip with my sister to Cornwall. We have roots there through my father and grandfather. We hope to go in spring, since this is when she can take her leave from work, and I have decided to make it an ancestral pilgrimage,'' writes novelist and columnist Leanne Hunt.

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August 31, 2012

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

"Why do we pray to receive daily bread? I mean, why did Jesus instruct us to do so? It struck me recently that I had been short-sighted in my approach to this topic, and here's why,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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August 24, 2012

Brutality And Kindness

"It is understandable that bystanders should be amazed and shocked at the divergence of life experience in South Africa on any one weekend,'' writes novelist and columnist Leanne Hunt. "We live in a country where those schooled by discipline enjoy freedom and pleasure while those subject to the law of passion continue to be held back by currents of anger and strife.''

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August 03, 2012

The Healing Power Of Mercy

"There is something very empowering about offering mercy to those who are in a worse position than ourselves,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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July 27, 2012

Living In The Light

... is living in the light only about a holy lifestyle? Or, if it is, how does one achieve a holy lifestyle? How does good conduct come about so as to produce peace inside and out?...

Leanne Hunt considers the fundamental question.

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July 20, 2012

Freeform Writing

"Writing does not always have to be considered, thoughtful and deliberate,'' advises Leanne Hunt, presenting a fascinating sample of freeform writing.

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June 29, 2012

Romanced By The Touch Of A Yarn

...I suppose I had a mental image of knitters and crafters; that they were all old ladies who steered clear of technology, favouring old-fashioned ways of communication and shopping in traditional stores. Well, this isn't the case...

Columnist Leanne Hunt extols knitting as a labour of love.

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June 22, 2012

A Vessel For God's Love

"I cannot love people unconditionally because it is impossible to do so out of my human nature. But God can and does when I am an open channel. So, it is not a case of me trying to love the homeless, the oppressed or the sick. It is a case of me trying to stay out of the way so that God can love them through me,'' writes novelist and columnist Leanne Hunt.

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June 15, 2012

My First Knitting Project Is Complete!

Leanne Hunt turns a mistake into a fabulous sweater.

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June 08, 2012

Success Is A Matter Of Belief

Leanne Hunt has profound and sound advice for those confronting exams and other challenges in life.

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June 01, 2012

A Rumpus About Art

"As I write this, there is a case in court about a painting of the South African president, Mr Jacob Zuma, with his genitalia sticking out. The case is between the ruling ANC and a group advocating for freedom of artistic expression as provided for by the South African constitution. The issue has taken centre stage in political debate, a fact which is very telling at this point in our country's history,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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May 25, 2012

Inventing Your Own Commentary

"I long for all Christians over 35 to reach this place of self-acceptance and understanding. Indeed, I wish for the world to learn from the example of people like Jung and Rohr, that we might see less self-defensive backbiting and territorialism, war and isolation,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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May 18, 2012

The Glory Spectrum

"A snippet of trivia on the radio this morning caught my attention. Apparently, there is a high correlation between seeing auras and the phenomenon of synesthesia. For those of you who don't know, synesthesia is the tendency to associate words, letters, numbers or names with colours, and there is some controversy about whether this is an indicator of psychiatric pathology or a spiritual gift.'' writes columnist Leanne Hunt who sees a week in colours.

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May 11, 2012

When the Post Office Goes On Strike

"What concerns me, and what is starting to concern many Johannesburg residents, is that mail simply isn't being delivered,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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May 04, 2012

Jung And Fluffy Fiction

"I confess to being both a lover of fluffy fiction and an amateur student of Carl Jung, which makes for some interesting speculation on the behaviour of the characters in the books I read,'' writes columnist and novelist Leanne Hunt.

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April 20, 2012

The Book Versus The Film

"Being visually impaired myself, I have recently also come across movies that are narrated. This is a unique experience for anyone,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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April 06, 2012

We Just Don't Think

"We just don't think about the needs of others when it comes to designing buildings and programmes. We believe that what works for us will work for others, and yet this is not true,'' writes columnist Leanne Hunt.

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March 30, 2012

The Way Things Happen

...She loved love. She could see hearts forming in the air above a couple, and when she did, she acted swiftly to manoeuvre events in favour of them getting together...

Author Leanne Hunt pays tribute to a fairy godmother who weaved webs of romance.

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March 23, 2012

First Impressions Of Cruising

...now out of harbour, doing our regulation safety drill, we were getting a very convincing first-hand experience of what it might be like to be caught in a tropical storm...

Despite a stormy beginning, columnist Leanne Hunt enjoyed her first sea cruise.

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March 16, 2012

The Bare Minimum

"Being a writer depends on calling yourself a writer,'' declares novelist and columnist Leanne Hunt.

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March 09, 2012


...Integral theorist Ken Wilber cites this example of playing a game with an "other" in support of his argument that God created the cosmos for His own enjoyment and interest. It is more fun to know not than to know...

Columnist Leanne Hunt considers the nature of surprise.

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March 02, 2012

Good News, Bad News

"It never fails to disturb me when Christians start talking about evangelism. The word "evangelism" means "the act of spreading good news", and yet it is so often an exercise in spreading bad news,'' writes Leanne Hunt in this thoughtful column.

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February 24, 2012

Versions Of Grace

"The challenges we face are tailored to our personalities and the words we speak often come back to haunt us in later years,'' writes Leanne Hunt in this perceptive reflection on the course of the lives of a mother and son.

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February 17, 2012

Norms For Numbers

“Numbers are more fascinating than we think. Most of us only perceive numbers as we know them from school; namely, as digits for calculating things like quantity, size, temperature, elevation, height, depth, width and wit. No, not wit. That's where the school syllabus falls short. It's also where I am going to try and make amends,'' writes columnist Leanne Hunt.

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February 10, 2012

Which Baptism? You Mean There Are Several?

...It seems to me that Paul knew something that we prefer to ignore or deny. The Holy Spirit's power is poured out so people can be witnesses, not in holy huddles, singing hymns and feeding the poor, but as insufferable protesters, as crazy preachers, as wild-eyed pioneers and as eccentric writers penning long letters from damp cells to the outside world...

Columnist Leanne Hunt ponders on the deep relevance of baptism.

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February 03, 2012

Lessons That Come With Ageing

...Once, when I heard a woman say her goal was to live a life that defied explanation, I was seized with envy...

Ace columnist Leanne Hunt considers the course of her life.

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January 20, 2012

The Sheer Joy of Running

...Then … oh boy! She discovered paddling! My husband had been trying to urge her into the water for some time but with no success. Then, finding a wading spot a few feet from my bench, she sloshed into the muddy shallows. I could hear her plopping around, emerging onto the bank, shaking herself off, and then plopping around some more. When she came panting back to me, I made celebratory noises which encouraged her to go deeper into the water, and soon she was up to her ears in Labrador heaven!...

Columnist Leanne Hunt tells of her dog Lulu’s joy at being alive, and free to roam and discover.

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January 13, 2012

Lulu's Holiday Adventure

"Taking a guide dog on holiday to the mountains sounds delightful, but it has its drawbacks, as this year's family getaway reminded me,'' writes columnist Leanne Hunt.

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January 06, 2012

A Summer Garden

"We struggle against seemingly impossible odds, feeling as if things will never change. Then, suddenly, when we are not even thinking about the garden or whatever else has been the focus of our frustration, something shifts. We turn the corner, pedal furiously to keep up with the new responsibilities we now have, and - lo and behold, the next thing we know, what was desolate and dry has become a riot of colour and form,'' muses Leanne Hunt while enjoying the delights of her summer garden.

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December 30, 2011

Getting Real About Radical Change

Columnist Leanne Hunt says that, after damning herself as someone who could not feel, not understand and not even care, she seems to have developed an unexpected capacity for empathy

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December 23, 2011

What Will Become Of Humour?

"I wonder if humour can be sustained in a world that is so quickly changing; where so much depends on a stable connection; where people are so often out of synch. The more disconnected we are, the more difficult it becomes to share a joke,'' writes columnist Leanne Hunt.

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December 20, 2011

Getting Real About Radical Change

Columnist Leanne Hunt says that, after damning herself as someone who could not feel, not understand and not even care, she seems to have developed an unexpected capacity for empathy.

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December 16, 2011

Commitment Is A Breeze

"Committing to the first line of a novel is like dipping an oar into the water after being presented with the option of an Orange River adventure, filling in the forms and submitting payment, meeting up with your tour operator, crossing the Kalahari Desert in a four-by-four, and spending the night under the stars with your fellow canoeists anticipating the dawn departure,'' writes columnist Leanne Hunt.

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December 02, 2011

Dog Washing Day

Columnist Leanne Hunt tells of the dogged determination required on dog washing day.

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November 25, 2011

About Following

"When it comes to following someone into the arms of God, we had better know that we have chosen rightly, or we will be profoundly disappointed,'' declares columnist Leanne Hunt.

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November 18, 2011

Word Play

"As a user of screen-reading software, I have a rather different view of websites from sighted users. Instead of graphic images and logos, I encounter headings and labels. Everything is described in words, including technical terms that most visual users are never even aware of,'' writes ace columnist Leanne Hunt.

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November 11, 2011

Anatomy Of A Snob

. …Well, too bad. If I was really a snob, I may as well flaunt the fact. I'd tell the world. Like the poem someone had once read to me, I'd wear purple and express my views brazenly…

Author and columnist Leanne Hunt allows us to share a personal; secret.

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November 04, 2011

Pondering Prayer

"Prayer is one of those things which we think we know about, but which, when questioned on, we often find hard to describe or explain,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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October 28, 2011

Editing A Manuscript When You Can't See The Type

"Ten years ago, it would have been impossible for me, as a partially-sighted person, to think of editing a manuscript on my own,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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October 21, 2011

Who Writes The Songs?

“Whether a song makes you want to get up and dance or weep for what is no more, its power is in its truth,’’ declares Leanne Hunt after contemplating the creative process.

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October 14, 2011

The Mystery Of Sharing

"It is our natural inclination to share resources because it makes sense. "I'll share my chips with you if you share your chocolate with me." It's no good sitting with a barn full of oats and no water when your neighbour has a dam,'' declares Leanne Hunt in this inspirational column.

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September 16, 2011

Blogging Is Fun!

"Blogging is a way to generate exactly the kind of conversations you most want to be part,'' of writes an enthusiastic Leanne Hunt.

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September 09, 2011

Tackling Twitter

"It took me a long time to get into social networking. Many blind people are connected - I know that - but it was one of those things which I shied away from, because of the exposure more than anything else. My world was quiet, contained and therefore serene without the clamour of traffic. I relished its simplicity and the lack of pressure to respond to messages.'' writes columnist and novelist Leanne Hunt.

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September 03, 2011

The Blind Traveller

"As I write this, I am visiting Cape Town, indisputably our country's most popular tourist destination with its magnificent Table Mountain, breathtaking coastline and spectacular city bowl full of lovely historic buildings. However, its attractions are nearly all visual. I find myself spending long periods of time sitting idly while my family exclaim over the sights they can see,'' writes columnist Leanne Hunt, whose vision is severely limited.

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August 26, 2011

Sabotaged, Or Not - Depending On How You Look At It

"Ah! Revelation dawns at last. My dream is to write. In that department, nothing stands in my way. 'Have laptop, can work', as the saying more or less goes. Maybe, then, I ought to get on with it. Twitter and the wonderful web sites that intrigue and inspire me so much will be there when the technician gets up the pole again and sorts out the telephone lines,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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August 19, 2011

Evenings With Iris Murdoch

...Iris Murdoch is no longer with us, but she has left a treasury of timeless stories for us to learn from and be affected by. Her style of writing is formal but easy to follow. Descriptions of landscapes, buildings and objects of art always have exquisite bearing on the action - if not by mirroring its mood then by providing a counterpoint to it - so that the texture of the story is magnificently enriched....

Columnist Leanne Hunt enthuses about an English novelist.

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August 12, 2011

Realizing A Dream

"As of next week, I will be serializing the first novel I wrote on Open Writing. Titled Roses Aren't Everything, it is the story of a woman who, after discovering a family secret, is forced to reach out in various directions for help and eventually chart a new course into the future,'' announces Leanne Hunt. "It is an exploration of change set against the changing face of South Africa with a heart-warming romance at its centre. If you enjoy domestic drama and want to populate your life with a few new friends, I invite you to follow this inspiring saga.''

The serialisation of Leanne's novel begins on Monday.

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August 05, 2011

ListenTo The Kindle!

"I am a new convert to the amazon Kindle. A new convert … and an enthusiastic bringer of good news to the blind!'' declares star columnist Leanne Hunt.

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July 29, 2011

The Plumber, The Tiler And The Kitchen Designer

“My home is in a state of disruption,’’ writes Leanne Hunt. “All the kitchen contents are in boxes in the dining-room, my fridge and freezer are resisting the warmth of the winter sunshine on the patio, and the microwave oven is working overtime heating up ready-made meals from the local supermarket.’’

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July 22, 2011

That Indefinable Feeling

"What we think of as "presence" is nothing more than a heightened awareness of the present moment. It is us being present in the present. Presence is what we feel when we blot out extraneous details and focus on the tiny changes that occur second by second,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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July 15, 2011

Wondrously Different

Leanne Hunt says she knows better than to expect her sister-in-law to copy her behaviour. "I am results-focused when it comes to household matters, and all I want is to get the problem solved as quickly as possible so I don't have to think about it anymore. She, on the other hand, lives for company and excitement.''

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July 08, 2011

Beyond Faith

“Hope is what keeps us going through the barren times,’’ declares columnist Leanne Hunt.

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July 01, 2011

Can These Dry Bones Live?

"The biggest problem today isn't lack of faith - since faithless people don't look for change. Rather, the biggest problem is a mixture of lack of hope and lack of love. The hopeless have given up trying, and the loveless are still disconnected,'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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June 24, 2011

Songs Not Worth Singing

...Thinking back to my childhood, I recall songs that we sang in the playground of our whites-only school. One group would gang up against another and we would take delight in verbally lambasting our enemies. But those songs belonged to then and are never sung nowadays. Not because they are bad, but simply because we have outgrown them. Who wants to remember, while sharing an enjoyable afternoon with friends, that one used to jeer at people like them, or wish them dead, or dream up the worst possible fates for them to suffer?...

Columnist Leanne Hunt offers reasonable words on an issue currently stirring South Africa's national conscience.

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June 17, 2011

Handling Silence

"For me, being adrift in a strange environment happened when I lost the ability to read normal-sized print. I could no longer shop for myself or choose items off a restaurant menu. I had to ask people to interpret signs on street corners and office doors. When it came to operating soap dispensers and toilets in public bathrooms, I simply had to make use of my imagination!'' writes Leanne Hunt.

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June 10, 2011

The Familiar Stranger

...I was stopped by a shimmering wall of lights. I stepped to the side, only to find myself about to walk into another woman. I apologized, stepped out of her way, and was surprised when she appeared still to be blocking my path...

Leanne Hunt, whose sight is severly impaired, tells of a disturbing "encounter'' while out shopping.

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June 03, 2011

Catching The Train

Leanne Hunt tells of the fun - and frustration - of travelling on Johannesburg's new high-speed train system.

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May 27, 2011

The Topic For Today

"Writing in the stream-of-consciousness way is a joy because it invariably tells me something I don't already know. It is a creative process, not just a rehashing of past events or familiar emotions,'' declares columnist Leanne Hunt.

To read more of Leanne's entertaining and thought-provoking words please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/through_lattice_windows/

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May 20, 2011

Walking The Labyrinth

...We were a small group; about ten women. From the time we entered the chapel, we would maintain silence in order to tune in to the inner movements of our souls. The space was filled with the fragrance of flowers. Lilting music with evocative lyrics played in the background...

Leanne Hunt tells of the vital, last-for-ever lessons she learned when she walked the labyrinth.

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May 13, 2011

Regrettably Impractical

"One of the most difficult questions a blind person has to face is, "What is my purpose in life?" We cannot help but envy doctors, builders, farmers, dressmakers, police inspectors, computer specialists, electricians and make-up artists. Not for the kind of work they do, necessarily, but for the sense of usefulness that comes with doing it,'' says Leanne Hunt.

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May 06, 2011

I Know That Already!

"Patience with the ignorant, the uninformed and the handicapped is a matter of accepting that we are all weak in some department or another and having the grace to allow others a chance to catch up. Some need extra time to become informed or understand the information they are receiving. Others need extra space to seek the information they require and safely apply it,'' recommends columnist Leanne Hunt.

For more of Leanne's thoughtful and entertaining columns please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/through_lattice_windows/

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April 29, 2011

Destiny Restored

...I maintain that we are triune beings. We have a body, a mind and a soul. If we allow our minds to dominate, becoming so rational that we lose touch with our instincts and ignore our intuition, there is a danger that we will become either robotic or unconscious. The interrelationship of our physical, mental and spiritual faculties is essential, both for health and a fulfilled life...

Leanne Hunt suggests thast ascribing cosmic significance to events is a creative exercise.

For more of Leanne's life-enhancing columns please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/through_lattice_windows/

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April 22, 2011

A Writer's Sacred Bond

"If we are to write well, for example, we must read well and think well. Similarly, if we are to think well, we must read well and exercise our mind by writing well,'' says columnist Leanne Hunt.

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April 15, 2011

Wacky Welcome

"Since I apparently don't look blind, it was necessary to explain to our visitors that I can't distinguish faces, see people in the passage or avoid luggage left in doorways. The teenagers, in their usual inimitable style, took this in their stride and were soon making elaborate gestures to be helpful.

Within hours, it had become a standing joke that I had to ask who I was talking to - a standing joke, that is, until I asked my own daughter. She was shocked to realize how much my eyesight had deteriorated since she'd been away.''

Leanne Hunt is a writer who will make you smile and warm your heart.

For more of Leanne's columns please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/through_lattice_windows/

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April 08, 2011

Life With Lulu

"She lies stretched out on the wooden floor, warm chin resting on my foot. When I say her name, her tail thumps but she doesn't look up. She is a working dog at rest.'' writes new columnist Leanne Hunt in a memorable tribute to a very special friend.

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April 01, 2011

Signs Of The Times

In these days of terrifying natural disasters, wars and rumours of wars Leanne Hunt brings a constructive message:

"The world is changing and we can't escape it. The only way to experience peace and happiness is to adapt.''

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March 23, 2011

When You Don't Have The Full Picture

"Since the age of ten, I haven't had the full picture. My visual field is fragmented, like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. I live with an eye condition called macular degeneration,'' writes columnist Leanne Hunt.

Leanne believes that many people with normal sight are suffering from "spiritual macular degeneration'' - the habit of blocking out what they don't want to know about.

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March 16, 2011

The Brighter Side Of Macular Degeneration

Leanne Hunt tells how, as a young girl, she came to terms with learning that she would never be able to see normal-size print, drive a car or gaze into the eyes of loved ones.

Don't miss this wonderful, inspiring story!

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